Why is the Cloud’s future secured | Cloud System

agreeable solution, Cloud, cloud system, collaboration, Computer, high performance computer, home, internet cloud, need, redundant arrays of independent disks

Cloud computing allows you to access all your applications and documents from any place in the world and from any PC, thus freeing you from the confinement of one single desktop computer – everything resides in the “cloud” (a system of servers and computers) and is accessible via the Internet. Cloud …

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Public Health Engineering Department KPK Jobs 2019|Application Form

Help.com.pk Provide to you all kind of Jobs in  Pakistan, and you are right site for the post of  Sub Engineers, Tracer                                                                                   Public Health Engineering Department KPK Jobs 2019|Application Form. Public Health Engineering Department PHED KPK Jobs 2019 (17 November 2019). The positions of Sub Engineers, Tracer are currently available for the …

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National Highways & Motorway Police Jobs 2019 |Application Form

National Highways & Motorway Police Jobs 2019 |Application Form. latest National Highways & Motorway Police NHMP Jobs 2019 Jobs in Motorway Police to apply are Despatch Rider (BS-05), Mechanic (BS-05), Electrician (BS-05), Plumber (BS-05), Ardali (BS-05), Helper (BS-05), Barbor (BS-05), Mali (BS-01), Cook (BS-01), Helper Cook (BS-01), Sweeper (BS-01), Dhobi (BS-01), …

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Islamic MCQs With Answer |NTS, PTS

Islamic MCQS With Answer  refers to the study of ISLAM . you can prepare all kind of test ets NTS,PTS from  this MCQs.  ✓first in Islam   First muslim among slaves: Hazrat Zaid bin haris   First Muslim among children: Hazrat Ali (RA)   First female Muslim  Hazrat Khadija   *First male …

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general knowledge MCQS |NTS

General Knowledge Mcqs consists of computer science, Science & Islamic, Current Affair ,These General knowledge are very important for all type of exams 1- Name of Pakistan’s own satellite PRRS full form ? 2- Current prime minister of Lebanon? Rafique hireri 3- Managing director of IMF.? Roger 4- Which country …

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Advantages of having self hosted blog

self hosted blog

In my previous article I explained different type of blog on wordpress (wordpress.com vs wordpress.org). In this article I will explain the advantages and benefits of having self hosted wordpress blog i.e. from wordpress.org You can have free blog from wordpress.com, but in case you want to customize your blog to greater extent …

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Why is Facebook Fan Page important for your blog/website

Facebook Fan Page important

Help.com.Pk is complete blogging portal dedicated to for new bloggers and helping them to understand necessary steps to be taken after starting a fresh blog. Facebook Fan Page important for your blog/website We live in world of social media where Facebook, Twitter, etc play important role in our life. Same …

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