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Arithmetic Operators in Excel

The main purpose of Excel is to perform calculations, so in this lesson we will learn the basics of performing calculations in Excel

To perform any calculation in Excel you have to write an equation, inside this equation you can use a lot of factors and functions.

Use factors

There are many factors used within the equations, the most important of which are:

How to Sum (+)

Used in combination


For subtraction (-)

Used in subtraction


For Multiply (*)

For Divide (/)

For Power (^)

For ( & )

Used in the integration of texts

Priority implementation of factors

When there is more than one operator in the equation, Excel will execute the operators according to the priority of each operator.

But in Excel, the multiplication factor and the division factor are executed before the addition factor and the subtraction factor, so the previous equation will be executed in the following sequence:
But what if you want to implement the equation in a certain sequence as you want, for example you want to implement the addition and subtraction before multiplication and division? In this case you can use parentheses, because the parentheses tell Excel to do what is inside the parentheses before any other calculation, as follows:

Use functions

There are a lot of functions in Excel and the function performs a particular operation and then returns the result of the execution of this operation. For example in the following figure SUM function adds all numbers in the range C1: C6 and then returns the result of the addition.

Use factors and functions together

You can use the factors and functions together within the equation, for example in the following figure SUM function that adds all numbers in the range C1: C6 and then returns the result of addition, then divide the result of addition by 6 using the division factor / to calculate the average of these numbers.

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