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My Name is Hassam Sajid and i am love to do blogging and Graphic designing is also my Passion,I am Student of MCS (IT),My favorite hobby is writing Articles to Help Peoples :)

How to Insert Codes In Box within WordPress Post

Inserting Codes in A WordPress Post is sometimes a Confusing task in WordPress, I have searched many WordPress Blogs about this and tried many plugins but at last i was left with nothing, I tried this whole day and unsuccessful in implementing this. At last I tried the the Syntax …

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How to Make Make Money From eBooks

Make Make Money From eBooks

Insha’Allah, by the end of this post you will know how to create, market, promote, and sell an eBook online. This untapped potential is beginning to catch on, so read on and learn how to benefit others through your work. Recently, ProductiveMuslim put together an awesome eBook about the Qur’an …

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How To Sort Multiple Columns Of Data In Excel

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Microsoft Excel is the best spreadsheet program available now. I am used to using the sort function for columns. This helps me sort any type of data according to my will. Last time, I was working with Technize.net backlink profile and wanted to sort the data by multiple columns. If …

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Software Developer VS Software Engineer

Software development and software engineering are two interrelated jargon’s. A software engineer architects systems, define processes, develop technical specifications, and initiates advanced factoring while the software engineer applies engineering principles towards software development. Developer A software developer is an I.T expert who can code logic’s. These individuals have mastered various …

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free twitter followers trick

Hi everyone today we are going to be sharing tips on how to increase your twitter followers  for freewoo without any charge, there are lot’s of websites that are dedicated towards sending you hundred of free twitter followers daily. twitter can be a great source of traffic to your blog …

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