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Advantages of having self hosted blog

self hosted blog

In my previous article I explained different type of blog on wordpress (wordpress.com vs wordpress.org). In this article I will explain the advantages and benefits of having self hosted wordpress blog i.e. from wordpress.org You can have free blog from wordpress.com, but in case you want to customize your blog to greater extent …

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Why is Facebook Fan Page important for your blog/website

Facebook Fan Page important

Help.com.Pk is complete blogging portal dedicated to for new bloggers and helping them to understand necessary steps to be taken after starting a fresh blog. Facebook Fan Page important for your blog/website We live in world of social media where Facebook, Twitter, etc play important role in our life. Same …

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How To Write A Perfect Google Plus Post

Ever wondered how to write a perfect Google Plus post? See?  I told you that you had to think about what you are saying when you post updates to Google Plus!  First, let me explain something.  While I would love to take credit for this idea, I cannot.  This was …

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How To Schedule Google Plus Posts

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to schedule Google Plus posts? Since the dawn of social media sites, there have been certain tools for scheduling that we could use in order to get the most out of our online presence and build a bigger following. However, scheduling Google Plus posts has …

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How To Add Alt tag to Images in Blogger

Images are the best thing to attract blog visitors but attracting search engine bots lacks something more than the image appearance or creativity. Yes, huge number of bloggers use to upload images to their without proper image name or without proper alt tags. As you consider the keywords as the …

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BT-Style Social Subscribe with CSS3 Bubble buttons

The only reason they have left away from the utilization of social networks is,they are still starters and hence a very low social stats of their blog can affect on their readers to get a bad impression on the blog as huge number of visitors are well concerned about the …

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Top 30 Widgets for Blogger

widgets Blogger free

There are plenty of useful widgets for blogger blogs. Many of them are worth adding and many of them just ruin your blog by decreasing your blog load time and causing a major delay thus annoying your blog visitors. Widgets must be choosed wisely for your blog depending on the …

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How To Setup Custom Domain for Blogger blogs

Purchasing a Domain (Ex:www.Domainname.com)  is the first step you should take after getting your blog ready.Today i will be posting about how to purchase and setup your custom domain purchased with domain hosting service other than blogger. From two days some of my two domains had got conflicted with some errors and i was …

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