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100+ GEOGRAPHY MCQS With Solved Answers

General Knowledge MCQ

GEOGRAPHY mcqs for CSS, PMS ,NTS, and other test which is ether Government or Private. geography mcqs with solved answers for CSS,PMS,CT,NTS and other tests. A students can easily clear thier NTS with these Solved Mcqs with answers. 1. In the Composition of the earth, Aluminum is: (a) 27.5% (b) …

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NTS MCQS| General Knowledge

1- Conquered of Makkah? Ans:  20 Ramazan 8 Hijri   2-  National Flower Of Pakistan? Ans: Jasmine   3- Roohullah Is Title of ? Ans : Hazrat Esa A.s   4-  Objective Resolution Date? Ans: 12 March 1949   5- Who Suggest Name Of Pakistan? Ans: Ch. Rehmat Ali   …

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Islamic MCQs With Answer |NTS, PTS

Islamic MCQS With Answer  refers to the study of ISLAM . you can prepare all kind of test ets NTS,PTS from  this MCQs.  ✓first in Islam   First muslim among slaves: Hazrat Zaid bin haris   First Muslim among children: Hazrat Ali (RA)   First female Muslim  Hazrat Khadija   *First male …

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