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Islamic MCQs With Answer |NTS, PTS

Islamic MCQS With Answer  refers to the study of ISLAM . you can prepare all kind of test ets NTS,PTS from  this MCQs.  ✓first in Islam   First muslim among slaves: Hazrat Zaid bin haris   First Muslim among children: Hazrat Ali (RA)   First female Muslim  Hazrat Khadija   *First male …

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general knowledge MCQS |NTS

General Knowledge Mcqs consists of computer science, Science & Islamic, Current Affair ,These General knowledge are very important for all type of exams 1- Name of Pakistan’s own satellite PRRS full form ? 2- Current prime minister of Lebanon? Rafique hireri 3- Managing director of IMF.? Roger 4- Which country …

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MCQS About PUNJAB FOR ALL TEST|NTS PUNJAB Capital: Lahore Area: 205,344 sq.km Established: 1 July 1970 Chief Minister: Sardar Usman Ahmad Buzdar Governor: Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar Speaker: Chaudhry Pervez Elahi Deputy Speaker: Dost Mazari Largest City: Lahore Total Divisions: 9 Districts: 36 Tehsils: 127 Union Councils: 7602 Main Languages: Punjabi, …

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MCQS OF Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa PAKISTAN|NTS

  well MCQS about  Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa PAKISTAN|NTS Information about Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Capital: Peshawar Area: 74,521 km2 (28,773 sq mi) Established: 14 August 1947 Chief Minister: Mehmood Khan Governor: Sha Farman Speaker: Mushtaq Ghani Deputy Speaker: Mehmood Jan Largest City : Peshawar Total Divisions : 7 Districts: 27 Union Councils : …

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