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How to Insert Codes In Box within WordPress Post

Inserting Codes in A WordPress Post is sometimes a Confusing task in WordPress, I have searched many WordPress Blogs about this and tried many plugins but at last i was left with nothing, I tried this whole day and unsuccessful in implementing this. At last I tried the the Syntax Highlighter Evolved and was successful in Inserting the Codes in a Box, In the WordPress Post.

If you have little knowledge about the codes then this method is best, yes don’t be confused Just Simply follow the steps. I will be explaining each Steps with the Screenshots.

  • At First Install the Syntax Highlighter Evolved and Activate This Plugin, there is no need to Navigate to Settings and Select the Syntax Highlighter Evolved.
  • Just Navigate to the Post in Which you want to Insert the Codes, Lets say you want to insert the codes in a post as I have, Here is the example of this


Inserting code in the box gives more flexibility to the reader and let them allow to copy the code exactly in your *.php files.. Yes Be sure you have select the HTML tab and After that navigate inside the post


Your Code Here


As shown in the Screenshot

After performing these steps Just switch back to Visual Tab and after that you can continue to write the post and can publish it.

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