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How to remove viruses from pc/laptops 2019

How to remove viruses from pc/laptops 2019

A computer virus is a form of malicious software that enters the computer itself without knowing you if you are using the internet and or downloading files etc. Viruses are automatically entered in computers when computers connected through the internet. Viruses come through the internet when we open any websites. Some websites show popups dailbox on the computer screen and we do not read this popup instruction and we clicked on ok after that unwanted files, caches are stored in our computer and after some time our computer becomes slow and hanging. So in this article, we will study how to remove viruses from PC’s and laptops. I will show computer commands and software for removing these viruses from our computer and become fast.
Command#1 CLEANMGR
Goto windows search and type run. Type CLEANMGR. Select your drive which you want Clean. Normally the viruses are store in the Cdisk drive because the widow is installed in the Cdisk drive. When you select your Drive then press ok the popup will come on your screen it will collect the data and calculate the junk files after that another window popup will come. Press ok to delete these files permanently.

Command#2 PREFETCH
Goto windows search and type run. Type PREFETCH. You will see the junk files, Viruses, Caches that are stored in this area by default. Select all these files by CTRL+A and Delete these files.

Command#3 TREE
Goto windows search and type run. Type TREE. When you press ok the cmd black screen will come on your screen and it will auto close. It will Delete hidden files, registries, Exe files in our computer in seconds. Now your computer is released 70% to 80% from viruses.
If still, your computer is hanging and slow and not working these commands then I will suggest you download the best software for cleaning viruses in your pc or laptop. The Name of the software is Malwarebytes you can download it from official websites and given below in free.

how to remove viruses from pc/laptops 2019

how to remove viruses from pc/laptops 2019

Malwarebytes gives you 15 days trial you can use it for 15 days but you can solve your problem from the free trial. Download Malwarebytes software and open it. scan your pc/laptops. After the scan, it will detect viruses in your pc/laptops you have to delete these detected viruses files. This is the best software to clean your pc/laptops from viruses.
These are the methods of removing and cleaning your pc/laptops from viruses.
Note: If still your pc/laptops are hanging and slow then you must formate your disk drives to solve your pc/laptops

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