100+ Pedagogy MCQs With Answers for All (SST,PST,CT,PET,DM,TT,AT,QARI,IT-TEACHER Test


100+ Pedagogy MCQs With Answers for All Cadre (SST,PST,CT,PET,DM,TT,AT,QARI,IT-TEACHER 2020. Emotional Adjustment of students is effective in? Personality formation Class­teaching Discipline All of the above   Black­board in which group/category of teaching­aids? Audio­aids Visual­aids Audio­visual aids None of the above   Which of the following is related with teaching skill? …

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IESCO Jr. Engineer Test 2020 Mcqs | NTS

iesco physical test

1. Which one is not a valid MS Power Point view? A. Normal view B. Notes Page C. Reading view D. Slide Show 2. Who is the Federal Interior Minister of Pakistan? A. Pervez Khattak B. Ijaz Ahmad Shah 3. On 15 August. 1947, Quaid-e-Azam was appointed as: A. Governor …

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NESPAK Junior Engineer Electrical Test NTS MCQS

NESPAK Junior Engineer Electrical Test

NESPAK Junior Engineer Electrical Test NTS MCQS 2020 1-In DC motor which loss decreases with increase in load A)Friction and Windage Loss B) Core C)Brush Contact Loss D) None of these 2. A constant current transformer should not have A)Moveable Secondary Winding B) High Resistance C)Primary and Secondary Winding Surrounding …

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NPGCL-WAPDA Interview Questions With Answers 2020


NPGCL Interview Question for passing JOB test of NPGCL easily by preparing the following question below Generator k exciter ko DC kahan sy dety hn. Oil kis liye use hota hy Transformermain? Buch’holz Relay kia hoti hy kistrha,kia kaam krti hy. SilicaGel kyun use hoti hy. SilicaGel Moisture kidr syExtract …

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6 Must-follow tips for blogging success in 2020

Blogging is both, fun and creativity. As a blogger, you need to plan for making every blog an ultimate piece of writing. This sense of planning doesn’t come on its own. You need to invest a good amount of time and effort into managing everything that falls under the scope of …

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