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Excel Basics Tutorial


Formatting cells is important in Excel because it helps you to see your data beautiful and attractive, in this lesson, we will learn about the most important tools for formatting cells in Excel. Change the font type Go to the Home tab and open the Font menu and choose the …

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Arithmetic Operators in Excel


The main purpose of Excel is to perform calculations, so in this lesson we will learn the basics of performing calculations in Excel To perform any calculation in Excel you have to write an equation, inside this equation you can use a lot of factors and functions. Use factors There …

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How To Sort Multiple Columns Of Data In Excel

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Microsoft Excel is the best spreadsheet program available now. I am used to using the sort function for columns. This helps me sort any type of data according to my will. Last time, I was working with Technize.net backlink profile and wanted to sort the data by multiple columns. If …

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