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100 English MCQS for Class 7th | 7th Class English Book Mcqs

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100 MCQS
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Choose the correct option. Class : 7th

  1.       He _________ of Rabi-ul-Awal in bon.

A: 14th               B: 9th                 C: 12th                 D: 15th

  1.       Hazrat Muhammad was born on Monday in the_________________.

A: 481               B: 540            C: 515                 D: 571

  1.       His parents died by the time h was_________ years.

A:10th     B:4th                  C:6th        D: 9th

  1.       His grandfather________ took charge him but he also died soon.

A:Hazrat Ibrahim          B:  hazrat ishaq                  C: abu talib              D: abdul mutlib

  1.       He loved his young ________dearly.

Son        nephew               brother                  father

  1.       When Hazrat Muhammad reached the age of________________he would retire to mountain Hira.

A:30                      B: 20 C:  40                 D:  18

  1.       The Hazrat Jabrail release him and the_____________ of the Holy Quran was revealed him.

A:Seven rulers                         B: first rulers C:  forth rulers      D:fifthnvers                         

  1.       Hazrat Muhammad delivered his sermon on the ________ of zulhijah

A:Eight                  B: ninth                       C: seventh               D: tenth                      

  1.       ________ After hijrah in the uranah valley of month after.

A:11 years                     B:  10 year                          C: 8 years                  D:  12 years

  1.   You have rights over your ______.

A:Wives               B:   daughter                C: son             D: brother


  1.   Do murders committed during the ______________.

A:Weeks              B: months               C: days               D:  years

  1.   Which you find ____________ to forgive.

A:Hard                 B: soft      C: restly                  D:  loodly

  1.   Feed and cloths your ______________.

A:Brother               B:  salovers              C:patient             D:

  1.   Do not forget that every Muslim should be truly a __________to every other Muslim.

A:Son                      B: father                    C: brother                   D:  newphew

  1.   ______________ the angle of revelation appeared to him.

A:Hazrat ismail                B: hazrat Muhammad              C:   hazrat jabrial              D:  muslim

  1.   Khyber is _____________ word meaning.

A:Japani                   B:chainies                       C:  Hebrew                   D:  english

  1.   The Khyber Pass is _____________ kilometer passage through Hindu Kush mountain years.

A:54               B: 53                   C:  55               D:   56

  1.   Which ______________ kilometer lies in Pakistan.

A:53              B: 45                 C: 46   D:  47

  1.   Its narrowest point the pass in only ______________meter hide.

A:3                  B:  4                 C: 5                 D:   6

  1.   __________ west from theesty of Peshawar is a small town.

A:45km               B:   56km                     C: 17km                 D: 18km


  1.   It was built in the 10th country and was repaired in ____________.

A:1964                       B:  1966                           C: 1965             D:  1987

  1.   Further some _________lnad is lendi kotal .

A:40km                B: 60km                 C: 3okm                 D:  70km

  1.   It was closed ______ due to washing away of railway train.

A:2005                    B: 2006   C:  2007                D:   2009

  1.   Border crossing between Pakistan and __________.

A:Afghanistan                B: Sindh   C: balochistan              D:   kashmir

  1.   Converted it into highway during the ________.

A:1920             B: 1870             C: 1930                D:  1940

  1.   Man was very _______.

A:Wise                B: poor              C:  rich            D: happy

  1.   He through on a ________.

A:Way               B:  bridge                C: river               D: pond

  1.   He than told his son to ride a ______________.

A:Loin                         B: donkey                    C: fox                      D: bear

  1.   They _______ in this way for some distance.

A:Sillung                    B: sleeping                C:running                              D: traveled

  1.   After some distance they came across a group of ____________.

A:People               B: bird               C: animal          D: trees

  1.   What are impolite and _________ boy.

A:Good                  B:bad                C: poor               D:  rich

  1.   The old ______ is walking on foot.

A:Uncle               B: father                  C: brother                   D: cousin


  1.   The young _________ is comfortably riding on the donkey.

A:Son               B: daughter                  C: nephew                     D: uncle

  1.   The son make him walk in the hot.

A:Sun                B: moon                   C: home                   D:  road

  1.   The old _______ paid attention to what the people said.

A:Man                B:  woman               C:  son                 D:  daughter

  1.   My dear _________ ullah.

A:Aman              B: abdul                  C:  usman                 D:  khan       

  1.   Yesterday I received your ___________ progress card.

A:School                B:  result              C:  gift               D:  birthday

  1.   I am very ________ and want to congratulate you.

A:Proud              B:  happy            C:   rich         D:   poor

  1.   _________ is an exercise of the brain which keep active and healthy.

A:Working          B: reading               C:  writing

  1.   Take ________ care of yourself.

A:Good                B: bad                C: proud            D: rich

  1.   Your loving ________ jnam ullah khan.

A:Father           B: uncle                    C: nephew                 D:son

  1.   Islam emerged as a religious movement in ____________ AD.

A:522             B:  622                     C:722              D: 822

  1.   The Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w ) migrate to ____________.

A:Meca                B:sham              C:  madina                D: bahira arab


  1.   _____________ Year later this religion grow and establish and empire.

150              110                 130                    160

  1.   The Islamic golden age is the car in the history ________.

A:Pakistan           B: islam             C:  hong kong                            D: hindustan

  1.   Abbasid caliph Haroon al Rashid ______________to 809 inaugurated the house of wisdom in Baghdad.

A:589                  B: 686               C: 486                   D:786

  1.   According to the _________ of the Quran Islamic artists forbidden from using human figures in religious.

A:Working             B: teaching                    C: reading                   D:writing

  1.   The Abbasid caliphate to managed in uasim and the sack of Baghdad in __________ AD.

A:1258               B: 1298                C:1338                D:  1358

  1.   Islamic golden age as late has the end of _____________countries.

A:13th to 14th                   B: 15th to 16th          C: 17 to 18th              D: 19th to  20th

  1.   In the __________ century al kindi proposed a plan to dam the nila.

A:8th              B:  9th                C: 10th             D:  11th      

  1.   Muslim engineers also perfected the water wheel and built under ground water channels some ___________ feet underground.

A:Fifty                B:sixty                 C:seventy                     D:eighty

  1.   We have a lot of raw cash __________ and we earn very little amount of income by exporting them.

A:Grain               B: crops                     C: field                 D: saw

  1.   Unemployment causes many evils in the country and the ________ compelled to face these serious problem.

A:House               B: government                    C:  hospital                D:  tootle

  1.   Our beloved homeland ____________.

A:Iran              B:  Pakistan                        C:   Afghanistan              D: Dubai    

  1.   Unemployment is a cause for a __________.

A:City                  B: town                  C:  country                     D:village

  1.   _____________ plays the key role in the prosperity of a country.

A:education                  B: technology  C: industries         D: factories             

  1.   Public property is a property that is __________ to public use.

A:Maintaining                        B:electricity             C: dedicated                  D: government

  1.   Public parks and ground ,________ libraries.

A:Home           B:hotel                C:  roads                   D:hospitals

  1.   If the government is responsible for __________ and maintain public property .

A:School          B: hospital              C: post            D: bu

  1.   The duty of people to help the ___________ in maintaining.

A:House       B:school                 C:  government               D: hospital

  1.   People do not use public _____________ property.

A:Home                B: room                 C: toilets           D:hospital

62.Children are in the habit of tearing of and page from library books

  1. Light b) damage c) removing d) wastefully


63.National and Heritage sites are defeeds. 

  1. Every where b) similarity c) Monuments d) travelling  


64.cubicles are created at bus stop in order to provide shelter to the passengers.
a) transport b) Public c) railway d) remove


65.We Know.     is a developing country
a) karachi b) lahore c) islamabad d) Pakistan


66.The make_______ healthy eating easier. 

  1. Pyramid b) vitamins c) mimals 


67.many valuable______ hours are lost

  1. Working b) destroy c) express d) tranans


68.other people have to suffer because of this______

  1. Telephone b) disrupted c) unethical d) causing 


69.when people are angry about something the_______

  1. Organize b) cause c) factories d) destroy


70.public property is something we and use joinet by
a) harming b) collectively c) legitimate d) progress


71.we can approach the_______ peacefully
a) solution b) carefully c) authorities d) citizens


72.the misuse cause to everybody including ourselves

  1. Contribute b) responsibility c) amenities d) inconvenience 




  1. Sameena b) ayesha c) kalsoom d) tahira


74.nothing serious but I feel very__________


  1. Fitness b) good c) bad d) weak


75.A healthy_______ excel in every field of life

  1. Bird b) animal c) temper d) person

76.healthy______ is about Gathering the correct amount of nutrients


  1. Sleeping b) running c) cating d) swimming 

77.what is the basis of superiority in the eyes of Allah. 

  1. Earning wealth b) fair/white skin
    c) good percentage d) goodness and piety

78.Quaid e azam is an example of an lon ______.
a) common noun b) proper noun c) countable noun d) uncountable noun


  1. My family lives in Sawat family is an example of a/an ______. 
  2. a) common noun b) proper noun c) countable noun d) uncountable noun

80.what is  example of countable noun
a) oil b) band c) sugar d) honey


81.what is example of uncountable noun
a) dress b) band c) pencil d) bottle


82.what is the example of collective noun
a) marked b) amy c) up d) hill


83.Khyber Pass is a norrow_____ pass
a) mountain b) hill c) plaine d) forest
84. Khyber Pass has been known as famous _______

  1. a) silk b) cotton c) spice d) trade


84.the context is in the form of a
a) story b) dialogue c) letter d) narrative

85.healthy caffeine is about getting the correct amount of
a) protense b) carbohydrate c) minarets d) all nutrients

86) we should drink fast______ glass of water daily.
a) six b) seven c) eight d) nine

87) to lead healthy life we should
a) take balance diet b) exercise daily

  1. b) sleeped rise early b) eat burger only 


88.Javeria enjoyed the game but the popcorn tasted bal

  1. Enjoyed b) tasted c) game d) popcorn


89. Moshin did not get cut even through the knife felt Sharp.
a) did not b) cut c) felt d)sharp


90.Bacteria grew on the bread and it turned moldy
a) turned b) bacteria c) grew d) bread


91.The man walked all day and looked tired. 

  1. Worked b) all c) looked d) day


92.It’s friend argued a lot but he remained silent 

  1. Argued b) remained c) silent d) friend

93.I have been a fan of mystery stories since I was young
a) fan b) quote c) since d) young


94.Some stories are incereabliby exciting from start to finish. 

  1. Some b) are c) incredibly d) exciting 


95.I live cletextive who carefully hunt for clues you. 

  1. Hunt b) live c) like d) carefully


96.Khyber Pass has been ______ in history. 


97.It has also been a famous_______ role 

98.There are some ________ and chapli kabab 

  1. People do not use public property.
  1. Home b) toilet c) room d) hospital


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