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100+ GEOGRAPHY MCQS With Solved Answers

General Knowledge MCQ
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GEOGRAPHY mcqs for CSS, PMS ,NTS, and other test which is ether Government or Private.

geography mcqs with solved answers for CSS,PMS,CT,NTS and other tests. A students can easily clear thier NTS with these Solved Mcqs with answers.

1. In the Composition of the earth, Aluminum is:
(a) 27.5% (b) 20.3%
(c) 14.5% (d) 8.1%
2. The deepest part of the Ocean is:
(a) Vostok (b) Puerto Rico Trench
(c) Mariana Trench (d) Sundas Trench
3. After Australia, which of the following is the smallest
(a) Antarctica (b) South America
(c) North America (d) Europe
4. The deepest place in the Indian Ocean is:
(a) Mariana Trench (b) Puerto Rico Trench
(c) Sunda Trench (d) Isle Trench.
5. The highest waterfall of the world is:-
(a) Victoria (b) Tugela
(c) Angel (d) Niagara.
6. The areas around the North and South poles within the
Polar circles is called:
(a) The Torrid Zone (b) The Frigid Zone
(c) The Temperature Zone (d) None of the above
7. “Death Valley” in California, U.S.A is so called because of:-
(a) It is highly polluted area on earth
(b) It is extremely cold region on earth
(c) One of the hottest places in the world
(d) The existence of a large number of volcanaes
8. Identify the largest ocean:
(a) Pacific Ocean (b) Atlantic Ocean
(c) Indian Ocean (d) Artic Ocean
9. Mediterranean Sea is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by the:
(a) Strait of Gibraltar (b) Bering strait
(c) Davis strait (d) Dover strait
10. Caribbean Sea is linked with the Pacific Ocean by the:
(a) Suez Canal (b) Panama Canal
(c) Sunda Strait (d) None of the above one
11. ‘Sea of Japan’ is famous for :
(a) Oil Reserves (b) Mineral Water
(c) Fishing Area (d) Icebergs in water
12. ‘Red sea’ is between :
(a) Arabia and Africa
(b) Turkey and Russia
(c) China and Japan
(d) Germany and Scandinavia
13. Alexandria is a seaport of :
(a) Greece (b) Egypt
(c) Iran (d) Germany
14. Bering Strait separates Asia from:
(a) America (b) Africa
(c) Australia (d) None of the above one
15. The longest mountain range in the world is:
(a) Karakoram (b) Alps
(c) Andes (d) Hindukush.
16. Cyprus is an island in the:
(a) Mediterranean Sea
(b) South China Sea
(c) Red Sea
(d) Caribbean Sea.
17. Which of the following country shares the water of Caspian
(a) Russia (b) Iran
(c) Azerbaijan (d) All the above
18. Palk Strait separates India from :
(a) Sri Lanka (b) Maldives
(c) Bangladesh (d) None of the above one
19. ‘Dickson’ is a seaport of :
(a) Italy (b) Malaysia
(c) South Africa (d) Norway
20. ‘Lake Superior’ is :
(a) The World’s deepest freshwater lake
(b) The World’s largest freshwater lake
(c) The world’s largest saltwater lake
(d) None of the above
21. ‘Seattle’ is a seaport of :
(a) China (b) U.S.A
(c) Germany (d) Canada
22. Which of the following strait separates Italy from Sicily?
(a) Sunda (b) Messina
(c) Bonifacio (d) Johore
23. Identify the world’s longest river with the length of 6,521 km.
(a) Amazon (b) Mississippi
(c) Nile (d) none of the above
24. Which one is the longest river?
(a) Jhelum (b) Chenab
(c) Ravi (d) Sutlaj.
25. Which of the following is the smallest sea?
(a) South China Sea. (b) Arabian Sea.
(c) Sea of Marmara. (d) Caribbean Sea.
26. Which of the following river is located in Iraq?
(a) Lena (b) Oxus
(c) Volga (d) Euphrates
27. In which of the following country, ‘Victoria Falls’ is located?
(a) Canada (b) Zimbabwe
(c) U.S.A (d) Venezuela
28. Which of the following waterfalls is located between America and Canada?
(a) Victoria Falls (b) Ribbon Falls
(c) Niagara Falls (d) Angels Falls.
29. Identify the world’s Largest Dam :-
(a) Aswan (b) Kiev
(c) Tarbela (d) Mangla
30. In which of the following region ‘New Zealand’ is situated?
(a) Europe (b) South America
(c) Caribbean (d) Oceania
31. The world’s largest land frontier is between:
(a) America and Canada
(b) Russia and China
(c) Argentina and Brazil
(d) China and Mongolia
32. The world’s largest sliver producing country is.–
(a) Canada (b) Australia
(c) Russia (d) Mexico.
33. “Valetta” is the capital of:
(a) Finland (b) Malta
(c) Senegal (d) Congo
34. The ‘United Arab Emirates’ (U.A.E) Comprises of:
(a) Abu Dhabi (b) Sharjah
(c) Fujairah (d) All the above
35. Which of the following ‘Desert’ is the largest in area?
(a) The Sahara (b) Gobi
(c) Takla Makan (d) Thar
36. The famous “ Dost-i-Lut” desert is located in :
(a) Iran (b) China
(c) South Africa (d) Egypt
37. “Nanga Parbat” is the famous mountain Peak of:
(a) Karakoram range (b) Himalayas range
(c) HinduKush range (d) Sulaiman range
38. “Kasr-i-Mantra” is an official residence of:
(a) King of Saudi Arabia (b) Amir-Kuwait
(c) Iranian President (d) None of the above
39. Why ‘Black Sea’ is so called:
(a) A large number of black rocks in the water
(b) The dense fog that prevails there in winter
(c) The water of the sea is black
(d) None of the above
40. Which of the following Country is largest by area?
(a) China (b) Canada
(c) America (d) Russia
41. Which of the following Country is a ‘Peninsula?
(a) Brazil (b) Japan
(c) Greenland (d) Saudi Arabia
42. Which of the following Country is largest by population?
(a) Russia (b) Indonesia
(c) China (d) India
43. Which part of the world is called “City of Angles”?
(a) Bangkok (b) Stockholm
(c) New York (d) Rome
44. Which part of the world is called “Cockpit of Europe”?
(a) Belgium (b) Ireland
(c) Netherlands (d) Greenland
45. The world’s largest fish catching country is:
(a) Russia (b) China
(c) Japan (d) Australia
46. The world’s longest railroad tunnel ‘Seikan’ is located in:
(a) England (b) Japan
(c) Switzerland (d) Russia.
47. Which Country is called “Land of Milk and Honey”?
(a) Lebanon (b) Japan
(c) Canada (d) Turkey
48. Which part of the world is called: “Playgroud of Europe”?
(a) Norway (b) Germany
(c) Switzerland (d) Poland
49. Which Part of the world is called “Land of Midnight Sun”?
(a) Thailand (b) Finland
(c) Norway (d) Japan
50. What is “Big Ben”?
(a) A Volcano in Alaska
(b) A Glaxy of Stars
(c) A clock placed on the British Parliament
(d) None of the above
51. Which of the following is a Baltic State?
(a) Georgia (b) Armenia
(c) Ukraine (d) Estonia.
52. Which of the following Asian countries is landlocked?
(a) Myanmar (b) Mongolia
(c) Vietnam (d) North Korea.
53. Identify the biggest Island:
(a) Greenland (b) Iceland
(c) New Zealand (d) Taiwan
54. Identify the Coldest Planet:
(a) Pluto (b) Venus
(c) Jupiter (d) Mars
55. Identify the smallest Planet:
(a) Venus (b) Mercury
(c) Jupiter (d) None of above
56. Which one is the highest Mountain Pass in the world?
(a) Khunjerab Pass (b) Kilik Pass
(c) Alpine (d) None of the above
57. Identify the Largest ‘Salt-Water Lake’ in the world:
(a) Lake Superior (b) Baikal Lake
(c) Caspian Sea (d) Mancher Lake
58. Identify the world’s largest City (in area):
(a) Shanghai (b) Moscow
(c) New York (d) London
59. Which is the longest strait of the world?
(a) Malacca (b) Gibraltar
(c) Bosphorus (d) Dover
60. ‘Fleet Street’ in London is famous for:
(a) Tailoring and Jewellery Shops
(b) Banking and Financial Transactions
(c) Offices of the leading British Newspapers
(d) None of the above One.
61. ‘Wall Street’ in New York is famous for:
(a) Stocks Exchange Market
(b) Modern Shopping Centre
(c) Broadest street in the world
(d) None of the above
62. Which of the following lines divide Turkish and Greek
Cyprus communities?
(a) Yellow Line (b) Green Line
(c) Curzon Line (d) Maginot Line
63. Which of the following countries is called “Land of Milk and Honey”?
(a) Switzerland (b) Norway
(c) Bahrain (d) Lebanon.
64. Which one is boundary line between Poland and Germany?
(a) Maginot Line (b) Seigfrid line
(c) Hindenburg line (d) Mannerheim line
65. ‘Takla Makan Desert’ is located in :
(a) Xinjing (China) (b) East Africa
(c) Basutoland (d) Iran
66. “Khyber Pass” is located in :
(a) Karakorum range (b) Himalyas range
(c) Hindukush range (d) Sulaiman range
67. Which part of the world is known as “Star and key of Indian Ocean”?
(a) India (b) Sri Lanka
(c) Maldives (d) Mauritius
68. “Siachen Glacier” is situated in :
(a) Hindu Kush (b) Sulaiman
(c) Pamir (d) Karakorum
69. Which of the following glacier is in ‘Hunza’?
(a) Hispar (b) Biafo
(c) Atrak (d) None of the above
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70. Which of the following Mountain Peak is not situated in Karakorum range?
(a) Broad Peak (b) Gasherbrum Peak
(c) Tirich Mir Peak (d) All of the above
71. The world’s smallest state by population is:
(a) San Marino (b) Monaco
(c) Vatican (d) Nauru.
72. The world’s largest fresh water lake is:
(a) Caspian sea (b) Great Bear
(c) Baikal (d) Superior.
73. ‘Nanga Parbat Peak’ is situated in:
(a) Himalayas (b) Karakoram
(c) Hindukush (d) Suliman
74. The largest river in Baluchistan is :
(a) Dasht (b) Zhob
(c) Rakshan (d) Hingol
75. Which is the highest railway station in Asia?
(a) Quetta (b) Kalat
(c) Kan Mehtarzai (d) Sibi
76. What is the significance of a small country “Ecuador”?
(a) It is a biggest island of Latin America
(b) It is located on the equator of the earth
(c) It is a land where days and nights are of one month
duration on the earth
(d) None of the above
77. ‘Kuril Islands’ are situated between:
(a) China and Japan
(b) Russia and Japan
(c) Australia and New Zealand
(d) U.S and Cuba
78. What is “Green peace”?
(a) A mountain range
(b) The largest Island in the world
(c) Geological Society of London
(d) An organization that stresses the need to maintain a
balance between human progress and environmental
79. Yellow Sea lies between:
(a) Singapore and Malaysia.
(b) China and Japan.
(c) Vietnam and Philippine.
(d) Australia and New Zealand.
80. The world’s largest active volcano “Mauna Loa” is located in:
(a) Hawaii (USA)
(b) Central Andes (Chile)
(c) Mount Mayon (Philippines)
(d) Java (Indonesia)
81. The Eastern Mediterranean Island “Cyprus” is divided
(a) Germany and Poland (b) France and Greece
(c) Turkey and Greece (d) Indonesia and Japan
82. Which is the smallest state in area?
(a) Bahrain (b) Maldives
(c) Malta (d) Brunei Darrusalam
83. The distance of a place South or North of Equator is called :
(a) Altitude (b) Longitude
(c) Latitude (d) Multitude
84. Which part of the world is called “The Land of free people”?
(a) Switzerland (b) Thailand
(c) West-Indies (d) U.K
85. The world’s famous bridge “Golden gate” is located in:
(a) New York (b) Sydney
(c) Mexico city (d) San Francisco
86. “Skhalin Islands” enriched with oil reserves are claimed by:
(a) China and Russia (b) US and Japan
(c) Russia and Japan (d) USA and Russia
87. “Pristina is the Capital of:
(a) Chechnya (b) East Timor
(c) Bosnia (d) Kossovo
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88. ‘Oxus’ River is flowing between:
(a) Iran and Iraq
(b) Afghanistan and Tajikistan
(c) Jordan and Israel
(d) Russia and Turkey
89. SAARC Human Resource Development Centre is located at:
(a) New Delhi (b) Colombo
(c) Islamabad (d) Dhaka
90. In July 1986, a model child welfare centre was established in a village “Hummak” near the city of:
(a) Lahore (b) Multan
(c) Faisalabad (d) Islamabad
91. The World’s largest desert in area is:
(a) Sahara (b) Arabia
(c) Gobi (d) Mogave
92. “Dead Sea” is lying between:
(a) Iraq and Sudan (b) Israel and Jordan
(c) Russia and Japan (d) Greece and Turkey
93. Identify the Largest Sea?
(a) South China Sea (b) Caribbean Sea
(c) Arabian Sea (d) Sea of Marmara
94. Which country has the greatest number of volcanoes in the world?
(a) Japan (b) Indonesia
(c) Philippines (d) Cameroon
95. The length of Karakoram Highway (KKH) in Pakistan is:
(a) 650 km (d) 785 km
(c) 805 km (d) 1200 km
96. Which of the Sea is located in Central Asia?
(a) Red Sea (b) Baltic Sea
(c) Aral Sea (d) None of the above
97. Which Country’s land is below the sea level?
(a) New Zealand (b) Japan
(c) Ireland (d) Netherlands
98. On which river Gudu, Sukkur and Kotri barrages are situated?
(a) Chanab (b) Ravi
(c) Indus (d) Sutlej
99. Which of the following country consists of 1300 Islands?
(a) Malaysia (b) Greenland
(c) Indonesia. (d) Philippines
100. What is ‘Subway’?
(a) Underground passage
(b) A road or path raised above ground level
(c) Short passage to any place
(d) None of the above

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