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100 MCQS OF Paper Science For Class 6th

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Paper Science Class 6th 

Choose the correct option

1.include all the green plant 

  1. produce b) shutters  c) consumers

2.all animal feeding on producers caplant and other animals for their food

  1. Producers b) Consumers c) carvivors d) omniours 
  1. ______ are primary consumers and Depends directly on a plant of their survival.
  1. Carivivors b) ominous c) herbivores d) producers

4._______ the meat eater and secondary consumers feeding on primary consumers

  1. Carvivors b) producers c) omnivores d) harbiures

5.______depend on both plant and animal for their food

  1. Consumers b) herbivores c) carvivors d)  omnivores

6.Include saprophytes fungi and bacteria that convert the deed animal and plants into fertilizer nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

  1. Decomposer b) omnivores c) consumers d) herbivores 

7.______ is a place which get enough rainfall and have warm temperature for a lot of tree to grow.

  1. Waterland b) forest c) derecrt d) grassland  

8._______ is our Lot of dry and Sandy area with little and rainfall.

  1. Forest b) desert c) tundra d) water land

9.________ is an environment that is very cold and unilay

  1. Forest b) desert c) Grassland d) fundra 

10.ecosystem is a community of _______

  1. Energy b) Plant c) another  d) feed
  1. animal and organisms that live
  1. smaller b) ecosystem c)environment 

12.reproduce and interact with one_____ and ______with their environment

  1. Feed b)plants c)another d)energy 

13.Within an ecosystem chain of instructions take place________ organisms and their environment.

  1. Ecosystem b) between c) each d) components 

14.Ecology is the study_______ of living organisms with their environment

  1. Relationship    b) biology c) environment 

15.Each ecosystem has two_______ biotic.

16.everything which is present in the surrounding of living______ is called its environment

  1. organism b) ecosystem c) components d)biotic
  1. Ecology is the study _________ of living organisms with their recruitment.
  1. Relationship b) ecosystem c) organisms food chain combine to form________

  1. Food raith `b) food web c) food chain 

19.Carbon hydrogen oxygen and________ compounds 

  1. Nitrogen b)oxygen c)atom 


20.alchemical length between______

  1. oxygen b)atoms c)sugars

21.the major energy source within plants and _____

  1. Animals b)chemical c)cation d)charge

22.The samals structural and functional unit of an

  1. Either b)organism c)sytom d)amount 

23.The_______ unbalanced electricity in our system

  1. Amount b)samles c) trucal

24.the temperature at which a liquid boils and turn into______

  1. Vapers b)catalyst c) basic 

25.The digestive system involves in the breakdown of food into small

  1. Atom b)molecules c)pieces 

 26)digestion is the process of which food is Broken Down into ________

  1. Molecules b) simpler c)smaller d)large 

27)mechanical digestion involves the breaking down of_____ food into smaller pieces

  1. Large b)small            c)middle 

28)it just start in the oral cavity through chewing by______

  1. Mouth b)lung c)teeth d)stomach 

29.Food is then swallowed and father broken down by the construction and relation of

  1. Vessly b)liver c)enzymes walls

30)food enters the digestive system through the _______

  1. mount b)oral cavity c)teeth d)stomach

31.Salivary ________ which are present in the mount sereete saliba

  1. Liver b) gland c) vessel d) stomach

32.The oesophagus is a ______ Narrow and hollow muscular tube 

  1. Long b)large c)small d)bolus 

33.______ is the Sac like structure of the digestive system 

  1. Stomach b)liver c) mouth d)small intense 
  1. ______ is the last part of the digestive system.
  1. Small intestine b) liver   c) large intestine d) stomach

35.The heart consist _______ chambers 

  1. Four b) five c) six d) seven 

36.Artia are _______ size in the ventricle 

  1. Smaller b)larger c)meddle

37.Artria divide and re-divide to form narrow and thinner walled blood vessels classed______

38.Diet offected ______ disease include 

  1. Heart b)anacani c) troubosis 

39.Food prepare by the _______ is transported to other part 

  1. Leaves b) root c) stem 

40.The digested food is absorbed by the the blood in the 

  1. mouth b) Small intensive c)stomach d) large intensive


41.The secretion of liver called ______

  1. Bile b) solida c) gastric d)pancreatic juice 

42.the mechanical breakdown of food occurs in the

  1. Mouth stomach b) mouth and small intensive 
  1. c) Mouth   d)stomach 

43.The alternate home for teachers is______

  1. Wind pipe b) oesphagus c)largnx d) lungs 

44.the blood from the heart is transported to all parts of body by _______

a)Arteries b)vines c) capillaries 

45.transport of from roots in plant take place through

  1. Phloem b) xylem c) epidermis d)  stomata 

46.The evaporation of water from leaves is called

  1. Photosynthesis b) respiration c) transpiration d) Translocation

47.The largest is called 

  1. Aorta b) ventricle c) atrium d) plumonarytery 
  1. Systhesis of carbohydrates take place in
  1. Root b) stem c) fruit d) leaves 

49.Which of the following is the fmals sax organ 

  1. Stam an  b) carpel c) petal d) sepal 

50.Ptatato is asexually produced through 

  1. Layering b) tubers c) cutting d) grothings 

51.Self Pollination occur between

  1. same flowers b) different flowers 
  1. c) flowers of different plants d) same or different of the from plant 

52.Seed develops from 

  1. Ovule b) ovary c) another d) both ovary and oracle 

53.Which one of the following is not a reproductive structure 

  1. Sepal b) carpel c) Ovule d) pollen grain

54.Living place of organism called 

  1. Habitat b) environment c) ecosystem d) species 

55.Many food chains unit to make 

  1. Food cycle b) food web c) food pyramid d) merge food chain 

56.An animals that feed on plants is called 

  1. Producer b) primary c) consumer d) secondary consumer 

57.In winter most could blooded animal disappear because they 

  1. Die b) hibernate c) margaret d) btan away 


58.the Mead Eater also known as

  1. Herbivores b) carnivores c) omnivores d)producer 

59.percentage of water on Earth surface is about____

  1. 50% b) 60% c) 70% d) 80%

60.suspended particles from drinking water are removed by

  1. Table salt b) chlorine c) charcoal  d) potassium


61.Distillation is a technique of

  1. Separation b) preparation c) filtration d) disinfection 

62.A particle that carries a negative electrical charge 

  1. proton b) neutron c) nucleus d) electron

63.the Center or core of an atom is called

  1. Orbital b) Nucleus c) proton d) Neutron element has 7 electrons in his valences valances 

  1. 7 b) 0 c) 1 d) 8

65.hydrocarbon  compound of carbon and 

  1. oxygen b) hydrogen c) nitrogen d) chlorine 


 66.the heat in metal rod flows by the process of

  1. Redaction b) conduction c) magnetization 

67.Coastal breeze is produce by 

  1. Convection b) redaction c) conduction d) rain 

68.Convection occurs only in

  1. Liquid and gasses b) solid and gasses 
  1. c) Liquid and solid       d) liquid and metal 


69.the primary color of light are_____

  1. Red green b) yellow red green blue red yellow c) Blue green d) yellow blue

70.In the desert mirage is seen due to which phenomenon 

  1. Reflection b) refraction c) diffraction d) total internal reflection 

71.sound waves are

  1. Long stindinal b) transverse c) x rays d) electronegative

72.which one of the following media is worth for transmitting sound waves 

  1. Water b)  iron c) vacuum d) wood

73._____is an essential element for life

  1. Food b) water c) air d) oxygen

74.a number of people have inadequate sanitation facilities 

  1. Middle b) small c) large d) quarter 

75.the effects of water pollution are not only harmful to human being also to animal fish and ______

  1. human b) animal c) Birds d) tree 

76.the major source of water on Earth surfaces on oceans City earth Town Village

oceans contain more than percent of the total water

  1. 70% b) 97% c) 99% d) 100%
  1. Oceans contain more then percent of the total _____ water.
  1. 70% b) 97% c) 99%  d) 100%

78.The fresh water needed for human requirements is nearly_______ of total

  1. 10% b) 20% c) 30% d) 40%


79.The remaining water is locked in ice sheets and ________

  1. Stream b) lakes c) ponel 


80.The inland water includes _______

  1. River b) oceans c) soil d)  lakes 

81.water is a solvent and can dissolve vest variety of substances 

  1. Excellent   b) good c) bad d)  fair 

82.water pollution is mainly caused by Sewage

  1. Agricultural b) domestic c) industries d) acid rain 

83.Sources ______ water can be contaminated and requires appropriate treatment to remove impurities and disease causing agents 

  1. Drinking b) swimming c) boiling d) cooking 

84.during this step the removal of suspended particle from______ take place

  1. Sand b) water c) soil  d) air

85______ the water has been filtered 

  1. After b) before c) behind d) filtration 

86.________water is used by cooking cleaning drinking and watching

  1. School b) homes d) colleges d) Hospital

87.water in industry is used as

  1. Ingredient b) coolant c) reagent d) cleansing 

88.________ rafting and boating 

  1. Boiling d) cooking d) drinking d) swimming 

89.The Growing population rate and the availability of small percentage of useable water on________

  1. Cites b) earth c) Town d) village 

90.Our_______ system is extremely small part of universe

  1. Earth b) universe c) world d) solar

91.______ of  most popular theories about the beginning of this universe

  1. Two b) three c) five d) one 

 92.The Big Bang Theory of the origin of the universe was proposed by

  1. John Easter b) edulin hubble c) Christin d) Ellen-m h

93.used two or three x-rays filing sheet for viewing the _________

  1. Moon b) sun c) earth  d) sky

94.stars come in a range of colors of reddish to Yellow is to_______

  1. Green b) blue c) red d) white light year is the distant covered by oignt in


  1. Two years b) one year c) three year d) four year 

96.light rays travel at a speed of _____ km/sec

  1. 400,000 b) 300,000 c) 200,000 d) 500,000

 97.important galaxies in the universe _____

  1. Four b) two c) three d) one 


98.When you switch on a________

  1. computer b) television c) iron, d) torch 

99.The flow of _____is called current and represented by symbols “i” 

  1. neutrons b) protons c) electrons d) circuit

100.electric currents can be bring changers
        a) reaction b) chemical c) oxygen d) metal

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