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blogging tips 2016
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I have been blogging for sometime now believe me i now know what it take’s to be a successful blogger and i also know how it feel’s to be successful in whatever we are  doing in life, there are lots of ways to make your blog popular in the blogosphere but i will be sharing with you the  4 most effective steps to make your blog popular in the blogosphere.

[icon name=”e-level-down”] in this article i am going to focus on the below four topics

  • content
  • frequency
  • design
  • make your blog popular and successful in the blogosphere today
  • quality content
content is king when it come’s to getting popular in the blogosphere one thing i always tell my blog readers is for them to only focus on quality and original content because any niche you choose to blog about today there are some other bloggers that are already blogging about that niche so you need to create something unique that will be different from what other bloggers present to their blog readers with these you will be able to stand out and be popular in your chosen niche.
if you want to be successful in the blogosphere then i recommend you to only blog about a topic you are passionate about.

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if you have passion about your niche then  making your popular won’t be a difficult task for you because you will enjoy what you are blogging about even without getting paid to do it because you are passionate about your topic.

design and navigation

a blog design need’s to be attractive in other to grow it’s audience, when it come’s to designing a blog you need to make it simple and easy to navigate through. more importantly a blog generates good revenue when the design is attractive.

design + seo

your blog design has to be neat and clean in order for it to work with seo effectively, a clean design will help you in getting more quality advertisers to your blog.

what is seo

(seo) means search engine optimization it is like a ranking tool that helps search engine in determining the webpages to rank higher in a particular search queries.

there is one thing that will help your blog in ranking higher on search engines, it is like an energy to your blog ranking on search engines, build quality backlinks from well established blogs for higher search engine ranking.


for a start as a beginner that is trying to be popular in the blogosphere you need to be creating new and informative articles at least  every two days in other to match up with other bloggers in your niche. if you are able to be a creative and productive blogger in your niche people will look up to you and your blog for information.

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