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5 Effective Ways to Boost Your Daraz E-Commerce Sales

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Setting up an E-commerce store will not guarantee you success in today’s competitive E-commerce market. If you are thinking that you can increase your sales and maximize your profits without optimizing your E-commerce store and engaging with customers, then you are wrong. That is where Ecommerce development comes into play. In this article, you will learn about effective ways that can increase your sales.

1. Cross Selling and Up Selling

One way to boost your sales is to cross sell or up sell. For those of you who are unaware of what cross selling and up selling is all about, Cross selling is the process of selling related items and accessories along with the product while up-selling comes into play when a customer wants to purchase the latest version of the same product to upgrade the product. E-commerce businesses have to be proactive and rigorously use cross-selling and up-selling techniques along with special discounts to boost their overall sales.

2. Focus on Benefits, Not Features

One of the biggest mistakes many E-commerce stores make is that they focus more on products and their features. Most of the users don’t understand the technical specification and features of the product that well but if you tell them the benefit of the product, they can quickly relate to it. If you want to sell more, highlight the benefits of the products instead of laying lot of emphasis on the features.

3. Paid Traffic and Social Media

With immense popularity of social media sites, it is almost imperative that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Reddit are the best way to increase your E-commerce sales. Invest in social media advertising and you will reap the benefits but make sure that you identify which social media platform your target audience is using before investing. For those who are looking for quick increase in sales, paid traffic is a great choice. Do not be fooled by stories telling you that bringing paid traffic to your E-Commerce could cost you a huge sum of money. If you execute your paid advertising campaign effective, it will cost you much less and will deliver exceptional results.

4. Email and Affiliate Marketing

If you think email, marketing is no obsolete and not relevant any more, then think again about ecommerce marketing strategies. According to the statistics, 64% companies consider email marketing as the most effective marketing channel. 57% of marketers will increase their email marketing budget because emails deliver higher return on investments and have an open rate of 22%. All these statistics suggest that email marketing is alive and flourishing. Create an email list and send them promotional offers on special occasions as well as inform your fan base Affiliate marketing is another way to sell your products quickly. Do your research, find the right affiliates, lure them with incentives and pay them well. In return, they will promote your products and increase your E-commerce sales.

5. Simplify Your Checkout Process

We all have been through lengthy and complicated check out processes on E-commerce site but have you ever returned to the same store? I can bet your answer is no. Even though, these lengthy checkout processes are to ensure that you get the right product but it can put off many users and lead to decline in sales. Make the checkout process as simple as possible for the user. Some brands and E-commerce store offer buyers the facility to purchase a product without creating an account with Guest Checkout feature. Handy features like these can go a long way in making your checkout process simple and ensure that user will return to purchase new products.

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