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6 Must-follow tips for blogging success in 2020

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Blogging is both, fun and creativity. As a blogger, you need to plan for making every blog an ultimate piece of writing. This sense of planning doesn’t come on its own. You need to invest a good amount of time and effort into managing everything that falls under the scope of blog writing. Now that we’ve entered the year 2020, its time to look at some of the best tips that can aid in gaining blogging success. Through this blog, I’m making an effort to showcase some of the best tips that make room for blogging success in the year 2020. Hope you’ll love these tips and follow them to the core.

6 Must-follow tips for blogging success in 2020


Tip No.1- Select a niche and stick to it

This year, try picking a topic for your blog and stick to it. For example, if you choose to blog about technology, find a unique topic that’s making waves in the field of technology and stay on topic. Make sure to keep your blog organized with each detail being specified in a readable and easy-to-understand manner.

Tip No.2- Identify your blogging goals

Prior to indulging in blog writing, don’t forget to identify your blogging goals and the steps that need to be taken in order to accomplish them. Be sure whether you want to grow your email list, wish to monetize your blog or simply intend to share useful and accurate information with your readers. Once you’re able to identify your goals as a blogger it’ll become easier for you to take the right measures for writing good quality relevant content.

Tip No.3- Streamline your writing style

You may opt for taking a New Year resolution of reevaluating your blog writing style. Opt for changing the voice tone and format used in your blogs. Once you’re done with modifying your blog writing technique, take a moment to go through your blog as a typical reader. I’m sure you’ll find your blog much more readable and attractive.

Tip No.4- Explore the power of social media

Today, social media has become an excellent tool for promoting your blog via the internet. By incorporating different social media links into your blogs, you can easily gather maximum readers and witness a growth that’s both, exciting and relieving. Get online and register on all the popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc to get your word out. By sharing yours as well as other people’s posts and comments, it’ll become simple for you to improve your blog’s visibility.

Tip No.5- Experiment with some innovative blogging tools

In the year 2014, you can definitely choose to try some blogging tools you haven’t used before. Here are some you can think about using for your next blogging venture:

  • InboxQ– Using this tool allows you to see the kind of questions people are asking on various social networking websites based on specific keywords. Once you’re aware of these questions, it becomes feasible for you to write content that’s capable of offering suitable answers for the same. Moreover, InboxQ also lets you receive an update when people search on keywords you’ve chosen to write on.
  • Digg Digg- This is a plugin that allows you to add any combination of social sharing buttons to your blog. Once installed, there’s no need for choosing separate plugins for promoting your blog on individual social networking sites.
  • Qumana– This is a desktop blog editor that lets you edit and publish posts to a single and multiple blog posts. The best part of Qumana is that you can use it offline as well. Whether it’s about adding images or advertising to your blogs, Qumana makes things simpler for you.

Tip No.6- Write content for readers, not for search engines

With search engines updating their algorithms on a continuous basis, it’s better to write your blog keeping the target readers in mind. Make sure the keywords you include in your blogs come out as a result of natural writing habits rather than a cognizant effort to impress the search engines.


So, these were the tips, which if worked out well will definitely aid you in becoming a professional blogger in 2020. Remember, anything done with a proper planning is surely going to work in your favor. I assure you, following these simple tips will let you increase your readership and make your blog scale new heights of success.

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