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60+ Computer Graphics MCQS|NTS

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Computer Graphics multiple choice questions
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These multiple choice questions related to computer science. These Mcqs are given from the Computer Graphics book which will helps  to prepare you for the test and learn basic knowledge about Computer Graphics.

2. Let the maximum number of pixels in a line be M. The number of subdivisions at most necessary using the mid-point subdivision method of clipping is
(a) N = log2 M
(b) N = 2m
(c) n = 2 M
(d) none of the above
3.Find the incorrect statement(s).
(a) A perspective projection produces realistic views.
(b) A parallel projection preserves realistic dimensions.
(c) A perspective projection preserves realistic dimensions.
(d) A parallel projection gives a realistic representation of 3-D objects.
4. The people of the planet Mars designed a scale for measuring the temperature in which water freezes at 100 units and boils at 250 units. The people of Jupiter designed a scale in which water freezes at 75 units and boils at 300 units. A temperature of 200 units in Mars will measure in Jupiter.
(a) 300
(b) 225
(c) 250
(d) 175
*5.The two scales coincide at
(a) 130
(b) 165
(c) 150
(d) 170
6.Oblique projection with an angle of 45° to the horizontal plane is called as
(a)cabinet projection
(b) isometric projection
(c) cavalier projection
(d) none of the above
7. Which of the following curves are symmetric about the line x = y?
(a) 1+x+y=0
(c) y=x^3
(d) lx|+|y|=9
8.Choose the correct statement(s).
(a)Random-scan monitors draw a picture one line at a time.
(b)The components line of a random-scan picture must be refreshed in a particular order.
(c)Raster-scan monitors draw a picture one lice at a time.
(d)Random-scan method is well suited for displaying shading and colour areas.
9.The perspective anomaly in which the object behind the centre of projection is projected upside down and backward onto the viewplane is called as
(a) perspective foreshortening
(b) vanishing view
(c) view confusion
(d) topological distortion
10.Which statement about beam penetration method for producing colour display is/are true?
(a)It is used with raster-scan monitors.
(b)It is used with random-scan monitors.
(c)By using beam penetration method a wide range of colours can be obtained.
(d)It uses three electron guns, one each for green. blue and red colours.
11. x = at2: y = 2at. is the parametric equation of a
(a) circle
(b) rectangular hyperbola
(c) parabola
(d) ellipse
12. A line connecting the points (I. I) and (5, 3) is to be drawn, using the DDA algorithm. Find the value of x and y increments.
(a) x-increment = 1 ; y-increment = 1
(b) x-increment = 0.5; y-increment = 1
(c) x-increment=1 y-increment = 0.5
(d) none of the above
13. The entire graph of the function fix) = x2 + kr – x + 9 is strictly above the x-axis if and only if
(a) – 3 < k < 5
(b) – 3 < k e 2
(c) – 3 < k < 7
(d) – 5 < k < 7
14.The phenomenon of having a continuous glow of a beam on the screen even after it is removed is called as
(a) fluorescence
(b) persistence
(c) phosphorescence
(d) incandescence
27. In the clipping algorithm of Cohen & Sutherland using region codes, a line is already clipped if the,
(a)codes of the end points are the same.
(b)logical AND of the end points code is not 0000.
(c)logical OR of the end points code is 0000.
(d)logical AND of the end points code is 0000.
28. Choose the functions that are periodic.
(a)1(x) = x – (x); where (x stands for the greatest integer , or = to x
(b)f(x) =1 cos (x)1
(c)f (x)= (x) cos (x)
(d)f (x) = sin (1/x), if x not equal to 0: 0 otherwise
29. In Sutherland-Hodgman algorithm for polygon clipping, assume P (present point) lies inside the window and S (previous point) lies outside the window. Then, while processing through that window boundary, we should
(a)store the intersection point of line PS (s)only
(b)store the points P and s
(c)store the point P only
(d)store the points S and S’
30. Random-scan monitors are also referred to as
(a) vector display
(b) stroke writing display
(c) calligraphic display
(d) none of the above
31.The refresh rate below which a picture flickers is
(a) 25
(b) 30
(c) 35
(d) 60
32. Pixel phasing is a technique for
(a) shading
(b) anti-aliasing
(c) hidden line removal
(d) none of the above
33. When several types of output devices are available in a graphic installation, it is convenient to use
(a) bundled attributes
(b) unbundled attributes
(c) inquiry attributes
(d) none of the shove
34. Which of the following points lies on the same side as the origin, with reference to the line 3x+ 7y= 2?
(a) (3. 0)
(b) (I. 0)
(c) (0.5. 0.5)
(d) (0.5, 0)
35. if (a, b, c)x (1, 3, 1) = (2, 1, 6), where x denotes the vector product, then (a. b, c) is given by
(a) (0, 1, 1)
(b) (k, 0, 1 -k) for any real k.
(c) (-1, 2. -7)
(d) there exists no solution
36. Which of the following transformations are non-commutative?
(a) Linear followed by scaling
(b) Linen followed by rotation
(c)Scaling followed by rotation
(d) None of the above
37. Reflection of a point about x-axis, followed by a counter-clockwise rotation of 90°, is equiva¬lent to reflection about the line
(a) x= -y
(b) y =-x
(c) x = y
(d) x+ y=1
38. Which one of the following is not a linear transformation?
(a)F : R3 -4 R2 defined by f (x, y. z) = (x, z)
(b)F : R3 •- R3 defined by f (x,y,z,) =(x,y-1,z)
(c)F : R2 – R2 defined by f(x, y)= (2 x, y –x)
(d)F : R2- R2 defined by f (x, y) =(y. x)
39.Raster systems display a picture from a definition in a
(a) display file program
(b) frame buffer
(c) display controller
(d) none of the above
40.Back face removal is an example of
(a) object space method
(b) image space method
(c) combination of both
(d) none of the above
41.A bilinear transformation can be simulated by the transformations
(a) translation, rotation and stretching
(b) translation and rotation
(c) rotation, stretching and inversion
(d) rotation, stretching, inversion and translation
42. Choose the correct answers.
To construct the rectangle ABCD, it is enough if
(a)the length and breadth are given
(b) the vertices A and B are given
(c)the vertex A and the length of the diagonal are given
(d)the vertices A and C arc given
43. A raster color display processor supports a resolution of 1024 x 800 with up to 16 million colors simultaneously displayable. What will be the approximate size (in bytes) of the frame buffer used in the display processor?
(a) 1.2 x 106
(b) 2.4 x 106
(c) 16 x 106
(d) 105
45. Choose the incorrect statement from the following about the basic ray tracing technique used in image synthesis.
(a)In this technique, rays are cast from the eye point through every pixel on the screen.
(b)In this technique, viewing transformations are not applied to the scene prior to rendering.
53. If the eccentricity of a conic is less than one then it is a
(a) circle
(b) parabola
(c) ellipse
(d) hyperbola
54. Parabola can be got from a right circular cone, by cutting it through a plane that is
(a) parallel to the side of the cone
(b) perpendicular to the axis of the cone
(c) a tangent to the cone
(d) parallel to the axis of the cone
55. Fractals deal with curves that are
(a) irregularly irregular
(b) regularly irregular
(c) irregularly regular
(d) regularly regular
56. A circle, if scaled in only one dimension becomes a/an
(a) parabola
(b) hyperbola
(c) ellipse
(d) remains a circle
57. Let It be the radius of a circle. The angle subtended by an arc of length 12 at the center of the circle is
(a) 1 degree
(b) 1 radian
(c) 45 degrees
(d) impossible to determine
58. Choose the correct statement.
Given three non-collinear points.
(a)it is always possible to draw a circle passing through the three points.
(b)It may or may not be possible to draw a circle passing through the three points.
(c)it is impossible to draw a circle passing through the three points
(d) None of the above
59. (2,4) is a point on a circle that has a center at the origin. Which of the following point(s) is/are also on the circle?
(a) (2, -4)
(b) (-2, 4)
(c) (4, -2)
(d) (-4, 2)
60. Aspect ratio is generally defined as the ratio of the
(a)vertical to horizontal points
(b)horizontal to vertical points
(c)vertical to (horizontal + vertical) points
(d)either (a) or (b), depending on the convention followed
61. Let F: R2 – R2 be the mapping defined by F(x. y) = (x/3, y/4). The image under F of the ellipse
x2/9 + y2/I6=1 is
(a) the circle x2 + y2= 1
(b) the line x/3 + y/4 = 1
(c) the ellipse x2/27 + y2/64 =1
(d) none of the above
62.The line segment joining (-1,0) and (4, 5). if clipped against this window will connect the points
(a) (0, 1) and (3, 3)
(b) (0,1) and (2,3)
(c) (0,1) and (4,5)
(d) none of the above

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