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Building Your Website
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Building your website should be done in an orderly fashion

When building your website following a particular order is very important. Building your website takes planning  for one because, it is simply good to develop a habit of doing things in a particular way so that things are never left out or forgotten.
Some things would be hard to do out of order because things such as buying a domain name have to be done before the site can actually be built. However, buying your domain should not be done before the keyword research is done.
That is of course if getting traffic to your site is a concern? If traffic is not a concern to you for whatever reason than the keyword research may not matter.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is one of the most important steps in creating a new website. If you would like your site to be found by the search engines, and in return generating traffic to your site, than keyword research is a must.

The keywords you focus on should be the same terms that your visitors are typing into their browsers when doing their initial search. Although this may sound simple it is another complete topic of discussion, and not the primary one this article is focusing on.Building Your Website
In addition, I just want to drive home the point that doing your proper keyword research for your main focus keyword for your site, as well as a list of secondary keywords for seeding throughout your sites pages is of the utmost importance.

If you do this step correctly, and than build your site accordingly around those keywords your site will be ranking on Googles page #1 for multiple keywords and your website will be generating hordes of free organic search traffic for free. Now I know that sounds good to you? Once your site goes through the initial indexing and aging stages with Google you will see your site shooting upo in the rankings and getting found by more and more people everyday!

Using the Proper Plugins on your site

One of the next steps you will be faced with once your website is online is loading up the right plugins for the job. Now every website is not going to need or use the same plugins because we do not all build sites to perform the same functions. Plugins are simply software that extends the abilities of your website. For example, using any one of the many SEO plugins available will enable your website to display the needed code for the search engines when your site is crawled. Another example would be the Google analytics plugin which gives your site the added ability to have certain functions on your site sent to the Google analytics web page for you to see how your site is performing.  There are literally thousands of plugins to choose from, many of them are free, and there are also many you can purchase for performing nearly any other function you can think of.

Your main settings tab in the admin section

In the dashboard area of your site which is referred to as the Admin section, there are a variety of tabs for doing countless functions with your website. One of the very first things you will want to do is to go through these settings one by one and adjust them to suit your needs?For starters the general tab is where you can adjust your websites Title and tagline, set your date and the timezone you live in. Than another tab is the writing tab where you will want to remember to always paste in a new copy of the feeds list for pinging your website when ever you add new content to your site. Another very important tab are your permalink settings.

When you set this your websites urls will be structured however you want them, for example,  /%postname%/ , will add the name of your post directly after the main url of your site. Such as
That is a very important setting because your url structure is one of the most important setting on your website!

Once you have all of your setting done, and you have done everything we went over up above you are ready to start writing your first post. Yes building you website takes planning, but once you have done that you can enjoy having your own website for a very long time!

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