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Abbottabad Board 9th Class Biology Past Paper | Solved

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Abbottabad Board 9th class Biology Past paper

  1. The conductive tissues of plants are…….

(a) xylem, phloem (b)parenchyma (c) sclerenchyma (d)collenchyma    

  1.   Cause of common cold is     
    a) algae b) fungi (c) virus (d)bacteria

3.AIDS is caused by ……..

(a) bacteria (h) virus (c ) plasmodium (d) fungi 

4, Androecium of brassica consists of ….stamen 

(a) two (b) four (c) six (d) eight

  1. Powerhouse of a cell is called ……..

(a) mitochondria (b)centrosome (c) ribosome (d) plastids

6.Birds are..,     . animals. 

(a) cold blooded (b) Warm blooded (c) both 

  1. The process in which the lbod becomes the part of the cell

is known as    

a )absorption (b) oxidation (c) assimilation (d)digestion    

8, Ptyalin is an enzyme secreted by….  
(a)salivary gland b)gastric gland c) liver    d)pancreas

  1. Liverfluke lies in … _…

(a) stomach (b) liver (c) blood (d)intestine

  1. which per of food is not digested in stomach? 

(a)carbohydrates (b) protein (c) none d) all of these

  1. Each testis of male frog is made up of small tubules called

  (a) visa efferentia b) urinary tubules (c) nodules (d)seminiferous tubules  

12.Which one is not a fish 

a)Eel (b) Shark (c) Seahorse (d)Dolphin

Section B

  1.     Attempt any eight of the following. All carry equal marks.
  2.     Discuss the importance of H2O in photosynthesis.

iii. explain the role of biology in prevention and cure of diseases.

vii. Describe the economic importance of fungi.

  1.   Write the names of four human diseases caused by virus.
  2. What do you know about funeria?
  3.                                   Define appendicitis.

vii.                                 Describe metamorphosis.

viii.                               Write a short note on Aerobic Respiration.

  1.                                   What are lichens and mycorrhizae?
  2.                                     What are the harmful effects of fungi?
  3.                                   Define monocot and dicot plants.


NOTE: Attempt any three of the following questions. All questions carry

equal marks.

  1.     Discuss in detail different pits of brassica flower.

Describe the muscular tissue of animals.

  1.     i.      How digestion of food takes place in human being? Explain.
  2. Write three functions of liver
  3.     1.     Write a comprehensive note on cellular respiration.
  4. Describe the general characters of gymnosperm.
  5.     i.Write the characteristics of phylum mollusca.
       ii.Write a note on snail.

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