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Add a Cute Smiley Reaction Buttons to Blogger blog

Cute Smiley Reaction Buttons to Blogger blog
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Cute Smiley Reaction Buttons to Blogger blog

Blogger is one of the most popular blogging platforms nowadays. Many bloggers felt limited with what blogger has to offer then they upgrade to other platform where they can twist their whole blog design the way they want. Today, I want to tell you that blogger can do more. 

Reaction buttons has been introduced by blogger a longtime ago but not well designed like we wanted, but today this widget is back and better all thanks to Vicomi. Reaction buttons is a great widget that makes your readers leave a feedback just by hitting one of the reaction buttons. It allows you to express how you feel about what you just finish reading.

Are you tired of seeing your blog contents with no comment?  I know sometimes you even felt like nobody is reading them, its time you make use of this cute Smiley reaction buttons. Now I will show you how to install this button on just six steps.

Step 1: Goto Vicomi

Step 2: Fill the sign up form by inputing your Blog title, Blog URL, Email address and Password.

Step 3: Now from the list of Emotions designs 
available, choose one that suites your taste and click on Done

Step 4: Now you will be provided with a bunch of Javascript code, copy all the code and keep it somewhere.

Step 5: Goto your blogger dashboard >> Templates>> Edit Html. Now search for <data:post.body/> this code might appear more than once, just stop at the second one.

Step 6: Now paste the javascripts codes you copied just below <data:post.body/> , then hit the Save Template button and view your blog posts.

Viola!! We have successfully install a cute emotion reaction button below blog posts on blogger. 

Do you love this widget? What is your reaction on this post? Kindly use the comment section below or use our cute reaction buttons.

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