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Advantages of having self hosted blog

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self hosted blog
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In my previous article I explained different type of blog on wordpress ( vs In this article I will explain the advantages and benefits of having self hosted wordpress blog i.e. from

self hosted blog

You can have free blog from, but in case you want to customize your blog to greater extent then is the best option. Here are the list of advantages of self hosted blog:

Complete control over your code:

With this, I mean you are your own boss of each line of code, though you will never change the core files of wordpress but atleast you can extend the code and customize your requirement.

Customized domain name:

You can have your own custom domain name for your blog. The custom domain can be your brand.

Search Engine Optimization:

You can do SEO for each and every page of your blog as per your requirement.

No Space and Bandwidth Limitation:

With self hosted blog there won’t be any limitation of file size and space on the server and no limitation of bandwidth. It will only depend on the server you select.

Multiple themes and plugins:

There are hundreds of themes and plugins available for wordpress which you can use for your blog. Some can be and some can be paid for better service. Also you can customize your themes as per your requirement.


Backup is one of the most important thing for your files. Since you have the complete control of your blog, you can backup your blog as and when you require. You have the complete control over your files.

Database access:

This is little technical but its really of great advantage, with self hosted blog you have access to database as well, which is very much beneficial any time to move from one server to another.

Easy Monetization:

Many of you might not know but the fact is many ad agency prefer self hosted wordpress blog over having a custom domain name blogspot blog .

To have your self hosted blog you can select any type of web hosting  and one of the best hosting for wordpress is Hostgator.

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