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Biology MCQs for class 8|NTS Mcqs

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Al –Qanun fill –tibb is the famous book. 


Bu Ali sina b) Jabir  c)Ibn Nafees


Five kingdom of classification mushroom belong to


Plantae b) Fungi    c)  Animalia


Which of the following cellular organization volvox.


Unicellular b)   Multicellular   c)    Clonical


Deduction are made from


Observation b) Hypothesis     c)  Experiment


Which mosquito transmit Plasmodium in human beings.


Anopheles b)  Culex             c)  Ades


First time who found plasmodium in blood of malarial Patient.


Ronald Ross b)   F.A king   c)  Lavern


Maximum biodiversity is found in


Forest b)   Grassland      c)  Desert


Which one is the basic unit of classification


Genus b)  Species         c) Family


Which kingdom posses the simplest organism


Fungi b)  Protista     c)  Monera


Which organelle involved in Protin synthesis


Ribosom b)  Vacuole     c) Plastid

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