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NTS Computer Science Preparation easily done with below Mcqs. All kind of Mcqs are generated from chapter programing with c so you can clear any test or exam if you prepare Computer science mcqs. 186.If the machine in which this program is executed is little-endian (meaning, the lower signifi¬cant digits occupy lower addresses), then the […]

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These multiple-choice questions related to computer science. These Mcqs are given from the  book which will helps  to prepare you for the test and learn basic knowledge about C++programming 1.C++ was originally developed by  (a) Clocksin and Mellish  (b) Donald E. Knuth  (c) Sir Richard Hadlee  (d) Bjarne Stroustrup 2.C front  (a) is the front […]

100+ MCQS for Programming With C with Answers | NTS

124. max is a function that returns the larger of the two integers, given as arguments. Which of the following statements finds the largest of three given numbers? (a) max(max(a, b), max(a, c) } (b) max(a, max(a, c)) } (c) max(max a, b) max(b, c) } (d) max (b, max (a, c) } 125. Forward […]

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In you will get all type of computer Science MCQS with answer so you pratice and perform any type of Gov test like NTS or University and get good results as output. Below MCQS used for NTS and other type of government online test system. all computer science mcqs and answers are uploaded on […]