Biology MCQs for class 8|NTS Mcqs

Al –Qanun fill –tibb is the famous book.    Bu Ali sina b) Jabir  c)Ibn Nafees   Five kingdom of classification mushroom belong to   Plantae b) Fungi    c)  Animalia   Which of the following cellular organization volvox.   Unicellular b)   Multicellular   c)    Clonical   Deduction are made from   Observation b) Hypothesis     c)  Experiment […]

100 MCQS OF Paper Science For Class 6th

Paper Science Class 6th  Choose the correct option 1.include all the green plant  produce b) shutters  c) consumers 2.all animal feeding on producers caplant and other animals for their food Producers b) Consumers c) carvivors d) omniours  ______ are primary consumers and Depends directly on a plant of their survival. Carivivors b) ominous c) herbivores […]