Current Affairs NTS Past Questions 2020 : Mcqs With Answers

Latest Current Affairs Mcqs with answer 2020 1- Current head of European Commission of EU (European Union) is: A. Donald Tusk B. Antonio Tajani C. Koen Lenaerts D. None of these✔ (Jean Claude Junker) 2- Which Pakistani boxer has won International Ranking Fight ? A. Muhammad Waseem✔ B. Hussain Shah C. Amir Khan D. Dildar […]

300+ Pakistan Current Affairs MCQS With Answers

The European Parliament granted GSP Plus status to Pakistan on _______. December 11, 2013 December 12, 2013 December 13, 2013 December 14, 2013   The GSP Plus status has been granted till __________. 2015 2017 2019 2021   The GSP Plus status will allow Pakistan to export products without duties to __________ European States. 25 […]