What is Computer| Five Generations of Computer

Computer and its Five Generations: COMPUTER: The computer is a Latin word Which drives from the word computare.In English, it means to compute. Compute means adding, calculating and reading. Computer is an electronic device which is getting information or data from input devices Data and information being processing and after that gives result. The computer […]

How to remove viruses from pc/laptops 2019

A computer virus is a form of malicious software that enters the computer itself without knowing you if you are using the internet and or downloading files etc. Viruses are automatically entered in computers when computers connected through the internet. Viruses come through the internet when we open any websites. Some websites show popups dailbox […]

How to Recover Deleted Data Free 2019

How to Recover Deleted Data Free 2019 How to recover important data, files, and Videos. If someone has lost the personal data and want to recover that data in free of cost so we have software for recovering our personal and important data. In this article, you will able to to learn ho to recover […]

What is Excel? Excel Introduction

What is excel|Excel Introduction Introduction: Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software through which you store data information Organize and Analyze. Before learning the spreadsheet or working on a spreadsheet you need to know what is the spreadsheet meaning and what works can be done by spreadsheet software. You will be surprised to know that the […]

Facebook shortcut keys for Browsers.Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer

Facebook shortcut keys for Browsers In this article, you will able to learn some shortcut keys of facebook. For desktop Facebook mouse is mostly using for the movement of one place to another. But if you know these shortcut keys and keep in mind these shortcut keys you will be able to use facebook much […]

Internet Browser Shortcut Keys 2019

Internet Browser Shortcut Keys 2019 In this article, you will see and Learn some basics shortcut keys for internet browsers. For Internet searching, we must need an Internet Browser. Browsers is software and every software has shortcut keys. From Shortcut Keys we can do fast work. In this article, you will learn Google Chrome, Mozila […]

Useful Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Windows 8 is updated and reinvented Operating System from Microsoft. It has a wonderful Metro UI style start up which makes your computer looks awesome rather than there are many useful apps preinstalled like calender, bing search, Sensex, Weather report, Microsoft store which can use for downloading more apps. Microsoft also makes some changes to enhance user experience in […]