How to Lose Abdominal Fat Fast

If you have not already read our guide on “Targeting Fat Loss to A Specific Area of the Body” then you may want to head over there first, since, fat loss really cannot be targeted as you might have imagined. E.g. Simply doing crunches will not lead to weight loss for the stomach. It is important to […]

Chicken Pizza Recipe

Chicken Pizza Recipe, Enjoy the delicious taste of pakistani chicken pizza cooking recipe in urdu and tandoori chicken pizza recipe in urdu. You have often thought about making pizza dough at home but didn’t know that how to make a perfect chicken pizza dough. Chicken Pizza Recipe: Cooking a restaurant-like yummy and perfect “Chicken Pizza” at […]

Fruit Trifle Recipe in Urdu

Fruit trifle Recipe Fruit trifle is a nutritious dessert that is liked by all family members including kids, adolescents as well as aged people. So, it is an ideal option for you to make the delicious fruit trifle a part of your menu on special occasions like Eids, birthday parties, family get-togethers and party dinners […]

Afghani Tikka Recipe in Urdu

Afghani tikka recipe is one of the finest and easiest barbie que recipes. Itis mostly used in night parties and other several occasions. Due to its crunch spicy taste, afghani tikka is very popular among the teenagers. It can be served with different combinations such as “afghani tikka and kabuli pulao” and “afghani tikka with […]

Chicken Paratha Roll Recipe

Chicken Paratha Roll Recipe In Urdu is a popular South Asian bread dish that most people like to have for healthy breakfast Chicken Paratha Roll Recipe In Urdu. This page reveals simple yet scrumptious recipe for chicken paratha roll. Have a go and try…   Chicken Paratha Roll Recipe In Englih Chicken paratha roll is a popular South […]

Dham Kabab Full Recipe

Dham Kabab In Urdu – Dham-kabab is a delicious and tasty recipes, people mostly use in evening. Dham Kabab In Urdu is a perfect snack that can be opted for to enhance the glory of all meal courses. It can also be served as tea-time appetizer. Let’s learn an awesome and delicious Dham Kabab In Urdu…   […]