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Class 5th General Science Chapter #2 Exercise : Microorganisms

Class 5th General Science Chapter #2
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Short Questions.

Q.I: When and whom discovered the virus?

Ans: The first virus was discovered by W. Stanley in 1935.

Q.II: What is the name of the group of the edible fungus?

Ans: The name of the group of the edible fungus is mushroom.

Q.III: Which medicine is used to cure bacterial disease?

Ans: Antibiotics medicines are used to cure bacterial diseases.

Q.IV: Which group of bacteria produce nitrate for the environment?

Ans: Nitrifying bacteria produce nitrate for the environment.

Q.V: Name two viral, Bacterial, and fungus diseases.

Ans:    Viral diseases: Polio, Aids

Bacterial diseases: Cholera, Typhoid

Fungal diseases: Ringworm, Athlete’s foot.

Long Questions


Q.I: How do we get infections from microorganisms?

Ans: We get infections from microorganisms when it is enter our body through mouth, nose or wound and start growing there.

Q.II: What are the benefits of bacteria and fungi?

Ans:    Benefits of Bacteria:

(1) It converts milk into yogurt.

(2) It converts sugar syrup into alcohol.

(3) It decomposes waste material in the environment.

Benefits of Fungi:

(1) It is used in baking industry.

(2) It is use in medicine.

(3) Yeast is used to make the flour decomposed.

Q.III: How can we protect ourselves by the infections of microorganisms?

Ans: We can protect ourselves from the infections of microorganisms by observing Islamic values of cleanliness, washing hands before and after eating, Brushing teeth and taking regular bath.

Q.IV: How can Virus survive?

Ans: Virus can survive only inside a living cell. As they come out of the cell they make crystals like non living things.


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