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Class 5th General Science Chapter #4 Exercise Environmental pollution :

Chapter# 4 Environmental pollution Exercise#4
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Short Questions

Q.1: How will you define environment?

Ans: The natural world around a living thing is called their environment.

Q.2: What is pollution?

Ans: A harmful change in the environment is called pollution.

Q.3: What are the types of pollution?

Ans: Land, Air, water and noise pollution are the types of pollution.

Q.4: How can we use non-biodegradable materials again?

Ans: We can use non-biodegradable materials again by recycling them.

Q.5: Make a list of non-biodegradable materials?

Ans: Plastic things, Empty cans, fused bulbs, broken parts of machines etc.

Long Questions

Q.1: What measures can we take to reduce water and land pollution?

Ans: Water Pollution: We should not throw rubbish and waste in water. We should keep away the waste and chemical mixed water from rivers and streams.

Air pollution: We should not burn rubbish in open air. We should use fuels in limited amount.

Q.2: How does pollution effect human beings?

Ans: Pollution brings hepatitis, Lung cancers, Nervous diseases, Asthma etc in Human being.

Q.3: How non-biodegradable materials pollute our environment?

Ans: Non-biodegradable materials block the flow of water. It also affects the natural beauty of land.

Q.4: How biodegradable things are different from non-biodegradable things?

Ans: Biodegradable things are those which can be degraded naturally by bacteria and fungi. Non-biodegradable things are those which cannot be degraded naturally.

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