Computer (MS word, Power point, Excel) Mcqs With Answers

Computer (MS word, Power point, Excel) Mcqs with Answers for NTS and other Tests.

1- BDC stands for ________ .
A. Binary Domain Controller
B. Backup Domain Controller✔
C. Both Domain Controller
2- ASP stands for _______ .
A. Active Server Page
B. Active Server Protocol✔
C. Active Site Protocol
D. Active Site Page
3- JS stands for ________ .
A. Java Script✔
B. Java Serial
C. Java System
D. None of these
4- Cell Edit key in Excel is _______ .
A. F2✔
B. F1
C. F3
D. Ctrl+F2
5- Power Point is called _______ software.
A. Presentation✔
B. Spread Sheet
C. Graphic
D. Word processing
6- The most widely used Internet search engine in the world is :
A. Yahoo
B. Google✔
D. You Tube
7- The extension of MS-Word document is :
8- _________ command save the active files with new file name.
A. Save
B. Save as✔
C. Version
D. Save as web
9- In MS-Word, to insert page break, we can use ______ key combination.
A. Alt+Enter
B. Ctrl+Enter✔
C. Shift+Enter
D. None of these
10- A collection of Web Pages makes _______ .
A. Document
B. Website✔
C. Movie
D. Presentation
11- When you press ________ key, MS-Word automatically creates a new paragraph.
A. Ctrl+Enter
B. Enter✔
C. Shift+Enter
D. None of these
12- ________ key use for start slide show.
A. F2
B. F5✔
C. F3
D. F4
13- Ctrl+U is the shortcut of __________ .
A. Underline✔
B. Undo
C. Italic
D. Bold
14- Flash is a product of :
A. Adobe✔
B. Micromedia
C. Microsoft
D. un Micro System
15- __________ is done to protect data and passwords.
A. Authorization
B. Authentication
C. Encryption✔
D. Verification
16- Which of the following is a helpful way to provide reminders for you during a presentation ?
A. Transparencies
B. Speaker notes✔
C. Templates
D. Both A and B
E. None of these

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