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Current Affairs NTS Past Questions 2020 : Mcqs With Answers

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Latest Current Affairs Mcqs with answer 2020
1- Current head of European Commission of EU (European Union) is:
A. Donald Tusk
B. Antonio Tajani
C. Koen Lenaerts
D. None of these✔ (Jean Claude Junker)
2- Which Pakistani boxer has won International Ranking Fight ?
A. Muhammad Waseem✔
B. Hussain Shah
C. Amir Khan
D. Dildar Ahmed
3- On 30th July 2017, which day was observed ?
A. Friendship Day
B. Father in Law Day
C. Word Day Against Trafficking in Persons✔
D. Public Education Day
4- Nawaz Sharif was disqualified by Supreme Court of Pakistan on ?
A. 28 July 2017✔
B. 29 July 2017
C. 30 July 2017
D. None of the above
5- Recently a Pakistani undergraduate law student ___________, has featured in Top 5 Future Lawyers
of the United Kingdom.
A. Abdul Razaq
B. Raza Nazar✔
C. Nazar Raza
D. None of these
6- The 9th BRICS summit was held in Xiamen, China. The theme of the summit was :
A. Building Responsive, Inclusive and Collective Solutions.
B. Arts and Culture.
C. Partnership for Development, Integration and Industrialization.
D. Stronger Partnership for brighter Future✔
7- According to Amnesty International report-2016, Pakistan, Iran, China & Saudi Arabia has hanging
percentage of world
A. 54%
B. 72%
C. 90%✔
D. 51%
8- Pakistan stands at _______ spot in ICC test team rankings.
A. 4th
B. 5th
C. 6th✔
D. 7th
9- Recently the world’s longest (57 km) and deepest railway tunnel was opened in ________ .
A. China
C. Switzerland✔
D. Brazil

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