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Easy Way To Hide PTCL Wifi Network/Signal

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Here I’m going to teach you an easy way that how you can hide ptcl wifi network (Signal) from being seen by people around your home or shop.

Follow the steps below to hide your wifi SSID name easily on your Android or Pc.

You can use this method on your both Android Phone or PC. All you need to do is

  1. Visit this : on your browser, but make sure that you’re connected to the same wifi network
  2. Type you router’s username & password to enter to your router’s admin panel.
  3. Now go to wireless> Basic & Enable the Hide Access Point. [Remember your wifi SSID name otherwise you won’t be able to connect your wifi to any device until you reset your router]

How To Connect Hidden Wifi To PC & Android Phone

Once the Hide Access Point feature enabled your wifi connection will be removed from your android & your PC. So now you’ll need to manually connect your wifi to your PC & Android.

To connect to PC follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Control Panel> Network & Internet> Click Connect to a network & there you’ll see a connection with the name Other Network. Look at the screenshot
  2. Now click Connect, Type your network SSID name. i.e, [Your Wi-Fi Network Name] then click OK
  3. In the another window, Type your wifi password & hit Ok to connect your wifi to your PC

To connect your hidden wifi to your android phone, follow the steps below

  1. Go to your phone Setting> Wi-Fi> Click Add Wi-Fi network
  2. In the Network SSID, type your wifi network name
  3. If you’ve enabled wpa in your router then in the security select WPA/WPA2/FT PSK, Look at the screenshot
    1. finally, in the Password box, type your wi-fi password & hit the connect to connect your hidden wifi to your smartphone

    Hope guys this small trick might be helpful for you. If you think that it is helpful then feel free to drop a comment in the comment form below & don’t hesitate to subscribe to our push notification to get instant tips & tricks & technology news.

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