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English Literature Past Papers solved Mcqs NTS, PPSC, KPPSC, FPSC, CSS |Part3

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English Literature Past Papers solved Mcqs NTS, PPSC, KPPSC, FPSC, CSS |Part3
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Here you will find 800 plus solved English Literature Past Papers Mcqs which helps you to prepare for the Tests of  PPSC, SPSC, NTS, CSS PMS, KPPSC, NAVY, PAF, ARMY, POLICE departments.

401. The Romantic Revival in English Poetry was influenced
by the?
(A) French Revolution
(B) Glorious Revolution of1688
(C) Reformation
(D) Oxford Movement
402. The Pre-Raphaelite poets were mostly indebted to the poets of the?
(A) Puritan movement
(B) Romantic revival
(C) Neo-classical age
403. ‘O, you are sick of self-love’ Who is referred to in these
words in Twelfth Night?
(B) Sir Andrew
(C)Sir Toby
(D) Malvolio
404. Hamlet is?
(A) an intellectual
(B) a man of action
(C) a passionate lover
(D) an over ambitious man
405. Which of Shakespeare’s characters exclaims; ‘Brave, new, world!’?
(A) Ferdinand
(B) Antonio
(C) Miranda
(D) Prospero
406. Paradise Lost shows an influence of?
(A) Paganism
(B) Pre-Christian theology
(C) Christianity and the Renaissance
(D) Greek nihilism
407. The style of Paradise Lost is?
(A) more Latin than most poems
(B) more spontaneous than thought out
(C) more satirical than spontaneous
(D) more dramatic than lyrical
408. In Pride and Prejudice we initially dislike but later tend to like?
(A) Mr. Bennet
(B) Wickham
(D) Darcy
409. Who in Hamlet suggests that one should neither be a lender nor a borrower?
(B) Polonius
410. Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Pt I contains his?
(A) senecan attitude
(B) patriotism
(C) love of nature
(D) platonic ideals

411) Which of the following is the earliest comedy of Shakespeare?
a) A mid summer night’s dream
b) Much ado about nothing
c)As you like it
d)Love’s labour’s lost
412) “Twelfth night” is a:
b) Comedy
c) Problem play
d) Both a and b
413) Who was villain in Othello?
a) Claudius
b) Iago
c) Egeus
d) None of above
414) Which of the following are tragedies of Shakespeare?
a) Hamlet, Othello and Troilus and Cressida
b) Coriolanus, Timon of Athens and Titus Andronicus
c) King Lear, Measure for measure and The merchant of Venice
d) Macbeth, Much ado about nothing and Antony and Cleopatra
415) Which of the following tragedy is not written by Shakespeare?
a) Hamlet
c) King Lear
d) King Oedipus
416) Othello was a :
a) General of England
b)General of Denmark
c) Prince of England
d) Prince of Denmark
417) ————- was father of Desdemona?
a) Othello
b) Brabantio
c) Iago
d) Gratiano
418) Othello was sent to fight with:
a) French army
b) German army
c) Ottomans
d) None of above
419) Desdemona was killed by :
a) Iago
b) Casio
c) Othello
d) Brabantio
420) Othello gave Desdemona ————- as a token of love:
a) Ring
b) Handkerchief
c) Pendant
d) Bengals
421) Desdemona was :
a) wife of Othello
b) daughter of Othello
c) both a and b
d) none of above
422) ” A man can die but once” is one of quote of following plays:
a) Henry 6 part three
b) Henry 4 part two
c) Henry 6 part one
d) Henry 4 part one
423) “I have no other but a woman’s reason
I think him so, because I think him so”
Which of Shakespeare’s play contain above lines?
a) The two gentle men of Verona
b) Merry wives of Windsor
c) The noble Kinsman
d) Measure for measure
424)” What piece of work is a man
How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty,
In form and moving how express and admirable
In action! how like an angle
In apprehension! how like a God:
The beauty of the World, the paragon of animals_____
And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust?
Above lines are taken from Hamlet’s which act?
a) act 1 scene two
b) act 2 scene two
c) act 3 scene two
d) act 4 scene two
425) Which of the following is Hamlet’s mother?
a) Beatrice
b) Margaret
c) Gertrude
d) Rosalind
426) Following are the characters of:
Apemantus, Alcibiades, Flavius, Lucullus, Sempronius
a) Coriolanus
b) Cymbeline
c) Timon of Athens
d) Winter’s tale
427) Who is the heroin of The Tempest?
a) Ophelia
b) Desdemona
c) Miranda
d) Helena
428) Hamlet consist of ————— acts:
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6
429) Which of Shakespeare’s play is his only play that has never been adopted for film or
a) Taming of the Shrew
b) The two Noble Kinsmen
c) Troilus and Cressida
d) Cymbeline
430) Which of Shakespeare’s play features Sir John Falstaff?
a) The merry wives of Windsor
b) Troilus and Cressida
c) King John
d) Titus Andronicus

431) What was the nickname of Mary I?
a)Bloody Mary
b)Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
c)Mary, Queen of Scots
d)None of the Above

432)Who was the sister of Mary I?
d)Elizabeth I
433)Who was the father of the previous two? (Questions 1 and 2?)
a)Henry VI
c)George III
d)Henry VIII
434)Who was the first Tudor King?
a)Henry VIII
b)Henry VII
c)George III
d)James I
435)What are the beginning and ending dates of the Elizabethan era?
436)Who was the mother of Elizabeth I?
a)Catherine of Aragon
b)Jane Seymour
c)Catherine Howard
d)Anne Boleyn
437)In what year did England and Spain fight a famous sea battle?
438)Which relative did Elizabeth I have executed?
a)Anne Boleyn
b)Mary I
c)Mary, Queen of Scots
d)Catherine of Aragon
439)What church did Elizabeth I establish or re-establish by law in England during her reign?
a)The Anglican Church
b)The Roman Catholic Church
d)The Lutheran Church
440) Everyone in Elizabethan England was born into a social class. Peasants were the unluckiest
of the lot: they were denied basic comforts, security, and even the chance to dress well. Yep, the
Statutes of Apparel outlined the clothes one could legally wear based on rank. Which of the
following could the poor wear?
a)Purple silk dresses
b)Woolen underwear
c)Sable-lined cloaks
d)Velvet coats
441)Marriage was a social obligation, and for many families a topic of obsession. Betrothals were
often arranged by parents, especially for the high-class. What criterion was considered the least
important in deciding upon a suitable match?
442) Elizabethans had many occupational choices. One could become an apothecary, clerk,
physician, or even court jester. Though there seemed to be a myriad of careers to choose from,
most people still ended up being very poor. In order to survive, what illegal activity did a large
number of citizens pursue?
b)Money lending
d)Wine bottling
443)Crime was ardently followed by punishment. Elizabethans had devised various ways to fine,
humiliate, torture, and kill offenders. Which crime was punishable by death?
a)Skipping church on Sunday
b)A woman screaming at her husband in public
c)Stealing a horse
d)Public drunkenness
444)Religion played a pivotal part in Elizabethan life. Protestants, Catholics, Puritans, and other
religious groups jostled for power and survival in uncertain times. In 1559, an Act of Parliament
was passed which determined the “supreme governor” of all things spiritual. Who was it?
a)The Pope in Rome
b)Each man was his own supreme governor
c)The Archbishop of Canterbury
d)Queen Elizabeth I
445)Elizabethan England was largely rural, with the majority of its population living in the
verdant countryside. Towns and cities, however, were growing–and the most prominent of all
was London. While Londoners were considered wealthy and arrogant, the city was begrimed,
filthy, and infested with vermin. Where did people primarily dispose of their trash and wastes?
a)Dump sites in the nearby country
b)The streets
c)The underground drains
d)Designated “trash” areas
446)Elizabethans were notoriously superstitious. They feared witches, believed in magical
animals, and sought good luck charms. What “science” did they utilize in trying to predict and
control the future?
447)The fine arts flourished in Elizabethan England. William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe,
and Edmund Spenser were some of the more famous playwrights and poets of the time. Drama,
music, songs, and art were popular with noblemen and commoners alike. Exploring certain topics,
however, was considered taboo in any art form. What was a strictly forbidden subject?
b)Criticism of the queen
448)Staying alive was a difficult task for Elizabethans. Disease, infection, poverty, childbirth, and
occupational accidents could all result in one’s untimely demise. Most people never reached the
age of fifty. When an Elizabethan died, intricate rituals were followed. What was NOT a funeral
a)Long processionals
b)Mourning clothes
c)Strict simplicity
d)Tolling of church bells
449)Which of the following was the Tower of London used for in the Elizabethan age?
(a) As an astronomical observation deck
(b) As a storage place for grain
(c) As a prison
(d) As a school for the royal children
450)Who issued an interdict against Elizabeth?
(a) Pope Pius V
(b) Pope Innocent III
(c) Pope Gregory XIII
(d) Pope Boniface

451) What was Elizabeth’s close circle of advisers called?
(a) The Star Chamber
(b) Parliament
(c) The Privy Council
(d) The Cabinet
452) Which of the following is a ceremony in which a sovereign is officially crowned?
(A) Investiture
(B) Invocation
(C) Gala
(D) Coronation
453)Which country believed it had an “Invincible Armada” before 1588?
(a) France
(b) England
(c) Spain
(d) The Netherlands

454)What type of non-rhymed poetry did Christopher Marlowe pioneer?
(a) Blank verse
(b) The sonnet
(c) Trochaic Heptameter
(d) Free-flow verse
455)Elizabeth and Mary I belonged to what royal family?
(a) Windsor
(b) Stuart
(c) Tudor
(d) Plantagenet
456) Which English king had several of his wives killed in his obsessive quest for a male heir?
(a) Edward VI
(b) Richard III
(c) George III
(d) Henry VIII
457)What religion was Mary I?
(a) Catholic
(b) Anglican
(c) Episcopalian
(d) Presbyterian
458)What religion was Mary Queen of Scots?
(a) Episcopalian
(b) Catholic
(c) Presbyterian
(d) Lutheran
459)Which work did Edmund Spenser author?
(a) The Castle of Perseverance
(b) The Double
(c) The Metamorphoses
(d) The Faerie Queene
460)Who succeeded Elizabeth I?
(a) Mary Queen of Scots
(b) Charles I
(c) James I
(d) Edward VI
461)Which of the following was Elizabeth known as?
(a) Unintelligent
(b) Rude
(c) Stingy
(d) Fanatic
462)Which language did young Elizabeth learn in secret?
(a) French
(b) Gaelic
(c) Esperanto
(d) Welsh
463)Who was Edmund Spenser’s patron?
(a) The Earl of Leicester
(b) Elizabeth

(c) Lord Burleigh
(d) Francis Bacon
464)What was a favorite entertainment in Elizabeth’s court?
(a) Swimming
(b) Gambling
(c) Jousting
(d) Backgammon
465)Which of the following disciplines most fascinated Elizabeth?
(a) Philology
(b) Alchemy
(c) Zoology
(d) Astrology
466)Elizabeth’s reign was longer than that of any other Tudor. When she died at the age of 69 in
1603, how many years had she reigned?

467)What was Elizabeth’s nickname for Sir Walter Raleigh?
468)The complex ranking system that Elizabethans believed ordered every single thing in the
universe was known as:
a)The Great Order of Life
b)The Great Chain of Being
c)The Great System of Shakespeare
d)The Great Sonnet Symbolism Maker

469)A poem that deals in an idealized way with Shepherds and rustic life is known as:
a)A Protestant Poem
b)A Petrarchan Sonnet
c)An extended metaphor
d)A pastoral poem
470)The term for the reaction against corruption in the Catholic Church was known as:
a)The Protestant Revolution
b)The Protestant Reformation
c)The Protestant Restoration
d)The Protestant Resolution

471)What is the name for a shift in tone or meaning of a sonnet
c)Iambic Pentameter
472)In literature, some of Shakespeare’s most powerful plays were written in that period (for
example The Tempest, King Lear, and Macbeth), as well as powerful works by John Webster and
a)William Shakespeare
b)Ben Jonson
c)Ben Jonson folios
d)English Renaissance theatre
473)What proceeded Jacobean era?
a)Elizabethan Era
b)Caroline era
c)Victorian era
d)Jacobean Era
474)The Jacobean era ended with a severe economic depression in 1620–1626, complicated by a
serious outbreak of ________ in London in 1625.
c)Bubonic plague
d)Plague (disease)
475)The word “Jacobean” is derived from the ________ name Jacob, which is the original form
of the English name James.
a)Samaritan Hebrew language
b)Biblical Hebrew
c)Mishnaic Hebrew

d)Hebrew language
476)The Jacobean era succeeds the ________ and precedes the Caroline era, and specifically
denotes a style of architecture, visual arts, decorative arts, and literature that is predominant of
that period.
a)Elizabethan era
b)English Reformation
d)Tudor period
477)Jonson was also an important innovator in the specialized literary sub-genre of the
________, which went through an intense development in the Jacobean era.
a)William Shakespeare
b)Ben Jonson
d)A Midsummer Night’s Dream
478)the first fire-breathing dragon in English literature occurs in which Old English epic poem.
d)Canterbury Tales
479)What are the beginning and ending dates of the reign of James I ?
480)Famous satiric drama,Volpone,is written by?
a)Sir Walter Scot
b)Christopher Marlow
c)Ben Johnson
d)George Herbert
481)The foremost poet of Jacobean era was?
a)John Milton
b)Charles Bacon
c)John Donne
d)Herbert Spencer
482)”The Jacobean Era” refers to a period of time in the early 17th century in which of the
following countries?
a) Jordan
b) England

483) Literary divisions are not always exact, but we draw them because they are often
convenient. The majority of English literary periods are named after:
a)The leading characteristic of the age
b)Monarchs or political events
c)The primary author of the age
d)The language of the age
484)Which period of literature came first?
485)In what language did Shakespeare write?
a)Middle English
c)Old English
d)Modern English

486)Jane Austen wrote during this period.
c)Middle English

487)Which work was published first?
a)Blake’s “Songs of Innocence”
b)Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”
c)Lord Byron’s “Don Juan”
d)Sir Walter Scott’s “Ivanhoe”
488)Which of the following works was written before the all-important Battle of Hastings?
b)Canterbury Tales
c)The Domesday Book
d)Sons and Lovers
489)Who wrote first?
a)George Eliot
b)Christopher Marlowe
c)Howard, Earl of Surrey
d)William Shakespeare
490)Which work was completed last?
a)John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”
b)George Herbert’s “The Temple”
c)William Shakespeare’s “Tempest”
d)Ben Jonson’s “Volpone”
491)One of these men did NOT write during the Restoration period. Who?
a)John Milton
b)Thomas Otway
c)Sir Walter Scott
d)John Dryden
492)The Bronte sisters wrote during this period.
493)Which of the following poets wrote during the Victorian period but was not published until
the 20th century?
a)Christina Rossetti
b)Gerard Manley Hopkins
c)Elizabeth Barret Browning
d)Ted Hughes
494)This work was NOT originally published in the 20th Century.
a)Henry James’s “The Ambassadors”
b)Thomas Hardy’s “Tess of the D’Urbervilles”
c)E.M. Forster’s “A Room With A View”
d)Virginia Woolf’s “Mrs. Dalloway”
495)Which poet did NOT write during the 16th century?
a)John Skelton
b)William Shakespeare
c)Sir Thomas Wyatt
d)Thomas Carew
496)Historical events often influence literature. Which of the following did NOT occur during the
Restoration period?
a)Charles II was restored to the throne
b)The French Revolution
c)The Great Fire of London
d)The Exclusion Bill Crisis
497)He was not a Renaissance writer.
a)William Shakespeare
b)Sir Philip Sidney
c)Christopher Marlowe
d)Sir Thomas Malory
498)Which of the following literary sub-periods does NOT fall under the Neoclassical Period?
a)The Restoration
b)Jacobean Age
c)The Augustan Age
d)The Age of Sensibility

499)Which of the following periods of English literature came last?
a)The Elizabethan Age
b)The Commonwealth Period
c)The Jacobean Age
d)The Middle English Period
500)This work was written before the other three choices.
a)Bede’s “An Ecclesiastical History of the English People”
b)Julian of Norwhich’s “Book of Showings”
c)Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales”
d)Sir Thomas More’s “Utopia”

501)Which of the following writers would be an appropriate subject for a class on “The Literature
of the British Empire”?
a)Rudyard Kipling
b)Edward Fitzgerald
c)Charlotte Bronte
d)Any of these
502)World War I affected the writing of many authors. Which of the following poets would not
have been touched by that event?
a)T.S. Eliot
b)Siegfried Sassoon
c)Wilfred Owen
d)Oscar Wilde
503)The period of maturation, intellectual growth and social graces during the Renaissance is
called the:
A) aristocracy
B) New Age
C) Reformation
D) Enlightenment

504)The most popular French playwright, Jean Baptiste Poquelin, is known as:
A) Caleron
B) Corneille
C) Couperin
D) Moliere
505)The first Englishwoman to earn her living as a playwright was:
A) Nell Gwynn
B) Aphra Behn
C) Lady Teazle
D) Ann Hathaway
506.In which city was Milton?
507. When was John Milton born?
a) 22 April 1600
b) 19 August 1604
c) 6 June 1606
d) 9 December 1608
508. Which school did Milton attend?
a)St Paul’s
b)Christ’s Hospital
c)Merchant Taylors’

509. Milton continued his studies at Cambridge. Which college of the university did he attend?
a) Pembroke College
b) Trinity College
c) Christ’s College
d) St. Xavier’s College
510. Edward King, a minor poet and a contemporary of Milton’s at Cambridge, was drowned at
sea in 1637. Milton wrote an elegy for him. What was the title of this poem?
b)Paradise Lost
c)Il penseroso
511. In 1638 and 1639 Milton traveled abroad. In which country did he spend most of the time?
512. How many times did Milton marry?
513. John Milton was 34 when he married Mary Powell. How old was she?
a) 48
b) 34
c) 22
d) 17

514. Milton was a royalist?
True or False
515. Which of the following works was NOT written by John Milton?
c)’Il Penseroso’
d)’Absolom and Achitophel’

516. In 1634 Milton wrote a masque. What’s the name of that masque?
a)’Il Penseroso’
d)’The Masque of Blackness’

517. Which of these words or usages did Milton NOT coin?
a)Space – used to mean “outer space”
518. Following parliament’s victory in the civil war, Milton was appointed to a position in
Cromwell’s government in 1649. What was his title?
a)Heresy tsar
b)Poet laureate
c)Secretary to the Admiralty
d)Secretary for Foreign Tongues

519. As well as poetry, Milton published extensively on politics, philosophy and religion. Which of
the following was NOT one of his works?
a)Of Prelatical Episcopacy
b)The Likeliest Means to Remove Hirelings from the Church
c)Of Practical Exorcisme
d)Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce
520. When did John Milton die?
a) 4 February 1702
b) 2 June 1700
c) 17 April 1688
d) 8 November 1674

521. “Milton, thou should’st be living at this hour. England hath need of thee.” Indeed. But who
was it, summoning his ghost?
a)Horatio Herbert Kitchener
b)William Blake
c)William Wordsworth
d)John Keats

522. The 20th century has been less kind to his memory. TS Eliot found his imagery distracting,
and considered his work “not serious poetry”, but it was another critic who accused him of
“callousness to the intrinsic nature of English”. Who?
a)FR Leavis
b)Harold Bloom
c)William Empson
d)Mariella Frostrup
523. When was Paradise Lost published?
a) 1660
b) 1667
c) 1658
d) 1654
524. “Paradise Lost” is considered a:
a) First Person Narrative
b)Short Story
c)Epic Poem
525. Satan’s name before he fell from heaven was:
526. ‘Book 1’ of ‘Paradise Lost’ presents Satan with his angels fallen into Hell. When recovered,
Satan awakens all his legions and speaks to them. The first he addresses is described as ‘one
next to himself in power, and next in crime, long after known in Palestine’. What’s the name of
this fallen angel?
527. In ‘Paradise Lost’, which angel is ordered by God to drive Adam and Eve out of Paradise?
Before he does so, he shows Adam a number of visions about the future of the human race,
beginning with Cain murdering Abel and ending with the redemption of mankind through Christ.
Who is this angel that has a large role in the finishing chapters of ‘Paradise Lost’?
528. Milton’s “unholy trinity” of characters includes:
a)Error, Temptation, and Satan
b)Sin, Death and Temptation
c)Sin, Temptation, and Satan
d)Satan, Sin, and Death
529. The battle between God’s army and Satan’s rebels in heaven lasted:
a)One day
b)Three days
c)Seven days
d)One hour
530. In the phrase, “thy seed shall bruise our foe,” the “seed” refers to:
a)The Tree of Knowledge
c)Cane and Abel
d)Jesus Christ
531. In the phrase, “thy seed shall bruise our foe,” “thy” refers to:
532. The two archangels who serve as generals in God’s army are:
a)Michael and Gabriel
b)Michael and Raphael
c)Raphael and Gabriel
d)Michael and Lucifer
533. For inspiration in writing the poem, Milton says he depends on:
b)The Holy Spirit
c)His favorite pen
d)The Son
534. Earth is described as being connected to heaven by a:
a)”stepping stones of clouds
b)Golden rope
c)Golden chain
535. Sin was born out of Satan’s:
535. Eve before the Fall might best be described as:
a)a feminist
b)uncomfortable with Adam
c)detailed oriented
d)a docile, vain creature
536. Throughout the poem, Satan transforms himself into many creatures. Which creature does
Satan not turn into?
a)a mouse
b)a cherub
c)a toad
d)a serpent
537. Who might be considered the friendliest and most sociable of all God’s angels?
538. Everyday before the Fall Adam and Eve went out to work. What did their work consist of?
a)Hunting and gathering food
b)Tending to the Garden of Eden
c)Building shelter to live in
d)Naming all God’s creatures and plants
539. The reason for Satan’s fall might best be described as:

540. The reason for Eve’s fall might best be described as:
541. On the second day of battle in heaven, what does Satan use that surprises God’s forces?
d)The Holy Sepulcher
542. Adam, Satan, and Eve herself are all dazzled by Eve’s:
d)Hard work and spirituality
543. The main reason for Adam’s fall might best be described as:
b)love for Eve
544. When God sees that Adam and Eve have disobeyed him, who does he send to “judge” them
and the snake?
a)The Son
b)The Holy Ghost
545. Inspired by Satan’s victory over man, Sin and Death construct:
a)a bridge from hell to heaven
b)a temple to welcome Satan back
c)a bridge from hell to earth
d)a funnel from Eden to the gates of hell
546. After they have both eaten from the Tree of Knowledge, the first thing Adam and Eve do is:
a)Ask forgiveness from God
b)Put some clothes on
c)Satisfy their sexual desire for each other
d)Blame each other for their Fall
547. The Archangel Michael might best be described as:
a)Jealous and envious
c)Firm and militant
d)Kind and caring
548. When Michael tells Adam what will become of mankind after the Fall, he is actually
narrating stories taken directly from:
a)The New Testament
b)Homer’s epic poems
c)The Hebrew Bible
d)The Koran
549. What are the best words to describe the Garden of Eden, the weather, and nature in
general, before the Fall of Adam and Eve?
a)Ordered and rational
c)Wild and unmanageable
550. Which angel does Satan trick by disguising himself as a cherub?
(A) Michael
(B) Uriel
(C) Raphael
(D) Abdiel

551. In what book does the fall take place?
(A) Book VIII
(B) Book X
(C) Book IX
(D) Book VII
552. In which book of the Bible does the story of Adam and Eve occur?
(A) Leviticus
(B) Exodus
(C) Genesis
(D) Deuteronomy
553. Which devil advocates a renewal of all-out war against God?
(A) Belial
(B) Moloch
(C) Mammon
(D) Beelzebub
554. What is Milton’s stated purpose in Paradise Lost?
(A) To assert his superiority to other poets
(B) To argue against the doctrine of predestination
(C) To justify the ways of God to men
(D) To make his story hard to understand
555. Which of the following is not a character in Paradise Lost?
(A) Night
(B) Agony
(C) Discord
(D) Death
556. Which angel wields a large sword in the battle and wounds Satan?
(A) Michael
(B) Abdiel
(C) Uriel
(D) Satan is not injured
557. When Satan leaps over the fence into Paradise, what does Milton liken him to?
(A) A snake slithering up a tree
(B) A germ infecting a body
(C) A wolf leaping into a sheep’s pen
(D) A fish leaping out of water
558. Which angel tells Adam about the future in Books XI and XII?
(A) Raphael
(B) Uriel
(C) Michael
(D) None of the above
559. Which of the following is not found in Hell?
(A) Gems
(B) Gold
(C) Oil
(D) Minerals
560. Which statement about the Earth is asserted as true in Paradise Lost?
(A) It was created before God the Son
(B) Earth hangs from Heaven by a chain
(C) The Earth is a lotus flower
(D) The Earth revolves around the sun
561. Which devil is the main architect of Pandemonium?
(A) Mulciber
(B) Mammon
(C) Moloch
(D) Belial
562. How many times does Milton invoke a muse?
(A) One
(B) Two

(C) Three
(D) Four
563. Which of the following poets does Milton emulate?
(A) Virgil
(B) Homer
(C) Both Virgil and Homer
(D) Neither Virgil or Homer
564. What is the stated subject of Paradise Lost?
(A) The fight between good and evil
(B) Heaven’s battle and Satan’s tragic fall
(C) The creation of the universe
(D) Adam and Eve’s disobedience
565. Which devil is Satan’s second-in-command?
(A) Mammon
(B) Sin
(C) Moloch
(D) Beezelbub
566. Who discusses cosmology and the battle of Heaven with Adam?
(A) God
(B) Eve
(C) Raphael
(D) Michael
567. Which scene happens first chronologically?
(A) Satan and the devils rise up from the lake in Hell
(B) The Son is chosen as God’s second-in-command
(C) God and the Son create the universe
(D) The angels battle in Heaven
568. Which of the angels is considered a hero for arguing against Satan?
(A) Abdiel
(B) Uriel
(C) Michael
(D) Raphael
569. In an attempt to defeat God and his angels, what do the rebel angels make?
(A) A fortress
(B) A catapult
(C) A large sword
(D) A cannon
570. According to Paradise Lost, which of the following does God not create?
(A) The Son
(B) Adam and Eve
(C) Computers
(D) He creates everything
571. Who does Milton name as his heavenly muse?
(A) Titania
(B) Urania
(C) Virgil
(D) Michael
572. What does Eve do when she first becomes conscious?
(A) Go in search of her mate
(B) Talk to the animals
(C) Look at her reflection in a stream
(D) Eat of the Tree of Knowledge
573.Who is the main protagonist of Paradise Lost?

574.In how many books is Paradise Lost divided?
575.Which is the longest book?
a)Book X
b)Book VIII
c)Book IX
d)Book I
576.In Books I-II, the rebels of Satan build the Pandemonium. What is it?
a)The forbidden fruit
b)The capital of Heaven
c)A beautiful garden
d)The capital of Hell
577.The fruit of which tree were Adam and Eve forbidden to eat?
a)Tree of Life
b)Tree of God
c)Tree of Sin
d)Tree of Knowledge
578.Which is the shortest book?
a)Book VII
b)Book III
c)Book VIII
d)Book V

579.Who was sent to Earth to warn Man of the dangers he was facing?

580.Who was the first to eat the forbidden fruit?
581.Which of the following is not a character in Paradise Lost?

582.What is the name of the sequel to Paradise Lost?
a)Paradise Found
b)Paradise Lost Twice
c)Paradise Regained
d)Paradise Lost Again
583.who was the companion of Adam in paradise?
584.Who is “till wand’ring o’er the earth”?
a)Satan’s associates
585. Who will fall through his own “fault”?
586.Who “headlong themselves they threw Down from the verge of Heav’n”?
a)Adam and Eve
b)Noah and the elephant
c)Rebel angels
d)Benjamin and Joseph
587. Who pondered, “How such united force of gods, how such As stood like these, could ever
know repulse?”?
588.Who is described? “For dignity composed and high exploit: But all was false and hollow”
589. When was Paradise Lost published?
a) 1660
b) 1667
c) 1658
d) 1654
590.When was Paradise Regained published?
a) 1671
b) 1656
c) 1669
d) 1652

591.In what country did the Renaissance begin?
592.who is considered as the model of the people during the renaissance?
a.greek and austrian
b.roman and french
c.roman and greek
d.french and greek
593.the word renaissance means
a.the rebirth of learning or knowledge
b.reading of books
c.the time of astronauts
d.the study of art
594.Which of the following techniques was NOT used in the Renaissance art?
595.what sparked the Renaissance?
a.The Feudal system was collapsing
b.the “95 theses”
c.the Crusades
d.the Black Plague
596.who lost the most power during the renaissance?
a.Italian merchants church people
d.king and queen of Spain
597.Utopia was written by:
a) Cervantes
b) Machiavelli
c) Poliziano
d) Thomas More
598.The Prince was written to gain favor of the:
a) Pazzi
b) Republic
c) Medici
d) Inquisition
599.Who translated the New Testament into German for the first time?
a) Poliziano
b) Cervantes
c) Martin Luther
d) Alexander VI
600.The “father of humanism” was
d)Pico della Mirandola

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