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English NTS Past Questions 2020 And Mcqs With Answers

English NTS Past Questions 2020 And Mcqs With Answers
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Preposition (Fill in the blanks)

1- He will not Apologize ______ You for what he did, as he acted in good faith.
A. To✔
B. With
C. For
D. By
2- His thirst ______ knowledge left him no leisure for anything else.
A. In
B. Over
C. For✔
D. With
3- We are accountable ________ God for our actions.
A. In
B. To✔
C. With
D. On
4- The training session has been changed from 8:30 ____ 9:00.
A. At
B. By
C. In
D. To✔
5- He is indebted ________ his friend for a large sum.
A. By
B. With
C. To✔
D. For
6- Ali was married ________ a rich family.
A. To
B. With
C. Of
D. In✔
7- I shall not act ______ compulsion.
A. Under✔
B. In
C. Over
D. With
8- He is impatient with good advice that I despair _______ making any impression on him.
A. On
B. Off
C. In
D. Of✔
9- As the market becomes ________ competitive, some companies will make larger profits.
A. More………
B. Fully
C. Very
D. Well
10- I can see ______ your game.
A. On
B. To
C. At
D. Through✔
11- I prevailed _______ him to make another attempt.
A. On
B. By
C. Upon✔
D. Over
12- I take much delight ______ long walks.
A. In✔
B. By
C. For
D. Of
13- I am sure to profit ______ his lecture.
A. On
B. With
C. Through
D. By✔
14- He wondered ________ he had lost his money.
A. That
B. At
C. For
D. If✔
15- The telephone _______ several times before I answered it.
A. Has rung
B. Had rung✔
C. Would ring
D. Was ringing
16- I went to inquire _____ his health.
A. After✔
B. To
C. For
D. About
17- The boys were walking ______ the road.
A. Between
B. At
C. Along✔
D. To
18- Let this be an example ______ the trouble-makers.
A. To✔
B. About
C. For
D. Of
19- We sat _____ the shade of a tree.
A. At
B. Down
C. In✔
D. Of
20- Sadia was made ____ rage at her insult.
A. Of
B. By
C. About
D. With✔


1- “ Quit ”
A. Leave✔
B. Respite
C. Post
D. Gradual
2- “ Approval ”
A. Consent✔
B. Approbation
C. Gang
D. Release
3- “ Sin ”
A. Crime✔
B. Wild
C. Vice
D. Dry
4- ” Allow ”
A. Wish
B. Permit✔
C. Accept
D. Seek
5- “ Error “
A. Ambiguity
B. Misgiving
C. Blunder✔
D. Misadventure
6- “ Industrious “
A. Clever
B. Reserved
C. Intelligent
D. Hard working✔
7- “ Diligent “
A. Modest
B. Energetic
C. Industrious✔
D. Intelligent
8- “ Emulate “
A. Likely to be late
B. Inspite to win
C. Trying to do as well✔
D. Enable
9- “ Emphasis “
A. Suggest
B. Stress✔
C. Plead
D. Force
10- “ Fragile “
A. Strong
B. Grave
C. Weak✔
D. Showy
11- “ Esoteric “
A. Fair
B. Popular
C. Alluring
D. Private✔


1- “ Imaginary ”
A. Shy
B. Factual
C. Real✔
2- “ Freedom ”
A. Slavery✔
B. Bondage
C. Refute
3- “ Flexible ”
A. Unplant
B. Kiln
C. Stiff✔
4- “ Recover ”
A. Lose✔
B. Miss
C. Petit
5- “ Adore “
A. Love
B. Hate
C. Despise✔
D. Gentle
6- “ Loyalty “
A. Betrayal✔
B. Soft
C. Congealed
D. Allegiance
7- “ Key “
A. Solution
B. Stranger
C. Class
D. Mystery✔
8- “ Lavish “
A. Stingy✔
B. Extravagant
C. Gloom
D. Crude

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