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Event Based Niche Blogging: A Step by Step Guide to Event Blogging

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Event Based Niche Blogging: A Step by Step Guide to Event Blogging
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Event Blogging is very popular nowadays & many bloggers work on different events according to their comfort.

If you are also planning to create an event blog or want to make good money out of it then you must know the basics as well as the advance part along with event blogging secrets.

So, Today I’m going to share a step by step Guide to event-based niche blogging including Do’s and Don’t.

Now, let’s discuss more in this event blogging tutorial in detail.

What you will learn here:

  • What is event blogging or event based niche blogging?
  • Event blogging working concept
  • Event categories or types
  • How to choose EMD?
  • Choosing the best platform
  • Keyword Research
  • Writing powerful content
  • Building backlinks

What is Event-Based Niche Blogging?

Event Blogging is a type of temporary or short-term blogging where bloggers target any specific event & work on it for a short span of time.


In other words, these blogs are basically micro niche blogs which are created to drive a huge amount of traffic from any upcoming event through organic searches.

Event may be any festival, sports, results or any movie events.

Example: Happy New Year, Independence Day, or Pakistan Premier League.

In short, the motive is to produce tons of traffic and make huge Dollars. If your event goes well(in terms of ranking), then you can make thousands of dollars within 2-3 days.

As event blogs are short-term blogs so you just have to work 40-50 days before the event.

Event Blogging Working Concept

Even confused what an event blogging is? Let me clear it out in simple words.

Suppose today is New Year & you want to wish your friends. What will you do?

You will search for New year wishes on the Internet, right? Like

>Happy New Year Wishes

>Happy New Year Messages 2019

>Happy New Year Pictures

And you are not the only one, there are millions of people who do same searches on the Internet.

So, bloggers target any specific event with low competition and high searches & create a blog about the event. After creating the blog, you have to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and rank the website on search engines.

And if our blog ranked on google first page, then definitely we are going to get a huge amount of organic or free traffic which can make a decent amount of money.

event blogging 2019

Event Categories or Types


Some of the famous event based blogging niches are:

  • EID
  • Independence day
  • New Year
  • Halloween
  • IPL
  • Big Boss(around 100 days)
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Olympics
  • WWE Wrestlemania
  • Oscars
  • Christmas
  • FIFA World Cup
  • T20 World Cup
  • Elections
  • Mother’s Day

Most importantly, if you are planning to start an event blog then first you have to choose an event by doing proper keyword research. If you are new to event blogging, then we prefer you to choose an event which has a low competition+high searches. You can use the Google Keyword Planner Tool for this purpose.

How to Start an Event Blog – Step by step guide

I hope you now understand what an event niche blogging is. Now, you must have a question in your mind – What is the perfect time to start an event blog?

The Answer to this question depends on you. If you are a new event blogger or this is your first event then, you must start the blog at least 2-3 months before the event.

And if you have already done event blogging and know a little bit about this, then you can start at least 30-45 days before the event.

So, if you are planning to create an event blog and chosen your perfect event. Then, here we are going to help you with a step by step guide.

Step 1 – Choose an Exact Match Domain(EMD)

After choosing your event, it’s time to book your domain name. Let’s say you have selected Eid event

So, try finding EMD of your event as Exact match domain has the following benefits:

  • Contains a keyword in the domain
  • easily indexed
  • Increases search CTR

So, EMD for your independence day event can be or, etc

If you are not able to find an EMD, keep searching by altering keywords.

Note: You can also use other extensions like .net, .org, .pics, etc

Step 2 – Choose a Blogging Platform

It’s time to choose a platform where you are perfect. You can either choose wordpress or blogger to start event blogging.

Many bloggers recommend Blogspot for event blogging because blogger offers free hosting to customers. Not only this, one main reason they mention that it is easier to rank in Blogger as site get indexed very fast.

It is true that after your event ends, there is no use of that blog (that’s the main reason people use blogger).

But we highly recommend you to choose WordPress for event blogging if you do not have coding knowledge. It may cost you a little for hosting but it will be beneficial to you.

In blogger, you may face many problems in placing Adsense ads which may reduce your earning on event day. As Blogger is not as reliable as WordPress. WordPress is much easier to use with the help of its plugins. So, if you are going for event blogging, it is better to choose wordpress. There are many cheap hosting providers available online. You can go for Digital Ocean as they provide cloud servers in just 5$/month.

Step 3 – Do Proper Keyword Research

Keyword research is a technique to find those keywords which are related or similar to search terms which people find on the internet.

Example – Like people search “shoes” on google. The most appropriate keywords here are “shoes for men”,  “shoes for boys”“online shoe shopping”, etc.

It is one of the search engine optimization technique. Keyword research is the one of the most important part of SEO as well as event blogging.


Step 3 – Write Articles for Your Blog

After setting up the blog, now it’s time to write articles for your blog. Here we will teach you how to find perfect keywords and how to write articles for your event blog.

Go to and search for your main keyword i.e., Eid Mubarak Images


These keywords are called LSI keywords. Note it down in a notepad file and choose each keyword one by one to write articles. Let’s suppose there is “EID Mubarak images 2018”

Therefore, the title for this keyword can be

“Eid Mubarak Images 2019 – Best Collection of Pictures, Images & Wallpapers”

Now search all the LSI keyword in google and you will find more & more keywords. From this technique, you can find many keywords and write articles on them.

There are many keywords suggestion tools available on the internet. You can take the help of these tools to find extra long tail keywords as long tail keywords are easier to rank.

Note: Write at least 20-30 articles on your blog about the event.

Step 4 – Buildings Links or Create Backlinks

After completing the above steps, now its time to rank your keyword on search engines.

To rank any keyword, we must have a proper strategy – proper keyword research, powerful content, and the main part is backlinks.

Therefore, you have to create backlinks daily in order to rank your blog. There are many ways to create backlinks. Some of the best ways are:

  • Guest post

Guest post is the genuine way to create backlinks & with the help of this method, you can create quality backlinks for your blog. In guest post method, you have to outreach webmasters by going to their sites and contacting them via email.

  • Blog commenting

Blog commenting is the most common way to build backlinks. Just make a list of blog which are raking on search engines on a particular keyword and then start commenting on them one by one by leaving your blog link.

  • Directory submission

Directory submission is also one of the best way to create backlinks. All you have to do is to submit articles with links pointing back to your event site.

Step 5 – Share Your Articles on Social Media Platforms

Never ignore the power of social signals as it is one of the most powerful factors of ranking. Must share your content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It will get you social signals and help you in beating your competitor.

Tip – You can also buy social signals from Fiverr or Seoclerks.

Final Words

We have shared all event blogging secrets that you have to follow to rank on search engines. Just use the above-given strategy and follow all the steps. Do proper keyword research and write unique content as content is the king.

Share this event blog guide with your friends and if you have any questions please drop down your comments.

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