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general knowledge MCQS |NTS

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General Knowledge Mcqs consists of computer science, Science & Islamic, Current Affair ,These General knowledge are very important for all type of exams
1- Name of Pakistan’s own satellite PRRS full form ?
2- Current prime minister of Lebanon?
Rafique hireri
3- Managing director of IMF.?
4- Which country officially declare emergency on climate change?
5- Country with Highest spendings on military budget in last year ?
6- Which country Announced plans to open the international space station to private business NOT SURE
7- Winner team of PSL 2019 QUETTA
8- Location of 2nd summit meeting of North Korean prime Minister with Donald Trump?
9- First female Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to US ?
10- Who signed the Amnesty Scheme Ordinance .
11- Prophet S.A.W performed total number of Umrahs?
12- Number of Rukkos in Quran ?
14- Battle of Jamel was fought in the era of khalifa?
15- Not include in Islamic Basic Aqaid
       A. Toheed B. Prayers C. Books D. None of these ANSWER IS D
16-  Longest bone in human body
17- Which one is not on the both sides of the body
       A. Eyes B. Kidney C. Spleen D. Lungs answer C
18-  Average life of white blood cells? 12 to 15 days
19- Blood is formed in:
      A. Heart B. Liver C. Bone MARROW ANSWER LIVER
20- Which gas unfavorable for green houses ANSWER CARBON MONOXIDE
21- shortcut key to center the text in MS word CTRL+E
22-  key for the next slide in PowerPoint SPACEBAR
23- key for the previous slide in PowerPoint BACKSPACE
24- Letters which appear above the normal size of the text called SUPERSCRIPT
24- letters which appear below the normal size of the text called SUBSCRIPT
25- Shortcut key for slide view of PowerPoint F5
26- Shortcut key for resume slide ANSWER SHIFT+F5
27- Shortcut key for enhancing the line spacing to 1.5 CTRL+5
28- Space between margin and first paragraph called GUTTER
29- in Excel, a worksheet combination columns and rows each of them will called? CELL
30- if there are total 11 digits denoted their A.p and value of center figure is 30. Not sure
 calculate the sum
12.|x-2|=x^2  value of x is ANSWER -1,2
13.if 5x^2+13x+k roots of equation alpha and 1/alpha ,value of k is .
c.5👈🏻 of these
1. Prime ministers SCO Merting ? Bishkek Kyrgyzstan
4. Ismael & Ishaq relation (Brothers)
6. Excessiveness of blood clotting (Vitamin K)
7. Sun is a (Star)
8. Pm Modi second term oath date ( 30 May)
9. 4th June observed as? ( World Health Day)
How many sequence numbers
64, 32, 16,__ , 1/128
A. 12
B. 13
C. 14
D. None ??
3 x 3 matrix multiplied with 3, determinant will be
A-B is sub set of ANSWER 3|A|
Kekar 1 drilling cost? 14 billion approximately 15 billions
Father of economics in muslim scientist? Al marwandi

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