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How Can I Change My PTCL Wifi Password & SSID Name?

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Were you asked by your neighbours to give them your PTCL Wifi Password?

Let’s say you have given them but now your connection is too slow & you’re worrying that everyone is using your DSL connection which can cause of high charges.

If you want to get rid of them then just follow my instructions which I’m going to give you in this article to change your ptcl modem wifi password & name.

By default, every router user has to login to their router’s admin panel by typing this IP address ” ” in the search bar of a browser in order to make some changes to their wifi connection or router.

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Now just follow these steps,

#1 Connect your PTCL wifi connection to your PC you’re currently using

#2 Now open a browser on your PC & type the IP address in the URL Search bar:

#3 You’ll be asked to enter your PTCL Router’s admin username & password which will be on the back of your PTCL router, every router’s username might be admin but the password will be different. look at the screenshot,

#4 Log into your admin panel, go to wireless> security & there you’ll see your wifi password & name.

How to Change PTCL Wifi Password

#5 Click on Click here to display to see your old passphrase, while if you want to change the old password then just remove the old password from the WPA/WAPI Passphrase & type new password & then hit Apply/Save.

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Your wifi will be disconnected from all of your devices & after a few seconds, you’ll see an available wifi connection so just connect it using the new password.

If you want to change your wifi name then follow these steps,

PTCL WiFi password

#1 Go to Wireless> Basic & in the SSID input box, you’ll see your wifi name

#2 Just change that & hit the Apply/Save button

Thank you for learning here. Hope this will help you to configure your wifi password & name. If you have still any query/question, do let me know about it in the comment form below.


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