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How To Add Alt tag to Images in Blogger

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Images are the best thing to attract blog visitors but attracting search engine bots lacks something more than the image appearance or creativity. Yes, huge number of bloggers use to upload images to their without proper image name or without proper alt tags. As you consider the keywords as the major element to attract search engine bots, the image name and their alt tags are the major elements that makes search bots to index your blog images in image search like Google image search. To say in fact, huge number of my blog impressions mainly comes by Google image search.
As our main goal is to attract search bots and gain traffic via search engines like Google, optimizing your blog images also takes an precious part in gaining more number of traffic from search engines.
So the major purpose of writing this post is to guide you bloggers that, never ignore your blog image names and always make sure to add alt tags to all of your blog images. If we think about the struggles we perform in order to gain search engines attention towards our blog, optimizing our blog images by giving some importance to their names and alt tags makes it very simpler but more worth doing it.
SEO involves many strategies to be adopted and many protocols to be followed, in those strategies, the name and alt tags of images takes a sufficient part in efficiently promoting your blog. So i hope you got the point now and if you are unsure about how to add alt tags to images, then here is the simple illustration on it.

Add Alt tag for Images in Blogger

  • Make sure that you have specified proper image name before uploading it to your blog.
  • After uploading it, click on the image and you will notice the Properties option.

  • Once after you click the properties tab, you can define its title text ( text which appears on mouse hover ) and alt text ( the part which is considered by search bots )

Make this a mandatory practice every-time you write a post and this will surely help you a lot in promoting your blog successfully.

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