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How to analyze a Keyword using SEMRUSH

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how to analyze a keyword
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Today we are going to discuss how to analyze a keyword using semrush Keyword analysis and SEO strategy making is a very important step of search engine optimization. You can not rank a keyword until you understand the value of that keyword. But we hardly take this important steps while doing SEO. without taking it long lets discuss how to analyze a keyword top get good results in SERPs

how to analyze a keyword

How to analyze a keyword:

This is the most basic step of search engine optimization. The first thing you should do is to analyze the targeted keyword. But how to analyze a keyword this is the problem we will solve today. Remember Today is the age of whitehat SEO. you can not rank a website following the blackhat ways. so make your mind for doing everything professional. Keyword analysis is not difficult at all. all you need is to do some research. the tool that I use for keyword analysis is semrush along with adwords keywords planner. I will not discuss adwords keyword planner because we will get all the required information from semrush.

First of all to choose a keyword using google keyword planner, then go to here you can create a account but you can also use it without creating a account. Now in the search box enter the keyword you want to analyze. I will search for SEO. so let’s see what information they can provide us about the keyword SEO. check the following stats about SEO



The above stats shows the average monthly searches and trend of this keyword. You can get this information from adwords keyword planner. But the one thing that is extra is the competition. you can see the competition is 0.76. this is the actual competition. you can compare it with other keyword to chose the best one.

In this chart, it is showing the top 20 website in SERPs of this keyword. so you can easily analyze each and every single site and then you can plan your SEO strategy for this keyword. this is quite easy and you can do it without facing any trouble. You can also check the stats of your competitors on this keywords using SEMrush.

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