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How to check sensors of android phone by single code

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How to check sensors of android phone by single code

As everyone knows how fast these changes are coming in mobile phones. In today’s era, mobile phones have become a necessity and without it, humans think half of themselves. Sensors are used in mobile phones. Many such things that humans could not do sensors are doing. Nearly 14 sensors are present in today’s mobile phones. The environment around the sensor can be understood.
So Today we will check our mobile phone sensors Is it working or not and you can also check your mobile phone sensors in this way.
By dialing a single code, you can check all the sensors on your mobile phone.

Dail this code *#0*# the white screen will come on your phone.


1.Red Green Blue: The names of 3 colors will be written on the top, Red Green Blue
By clicking on it, you can see the spectrum of their colors. Press the back button twice to come back on the previous screen.

2. Receiver: Tapping on it You will hear a voice If you don’t hear the sound, it means that your sensor is not working.

3. Vibration: Clicking on Vibration will turn on the small motor on your phone it means vibration sensor is working.

4. Dimming: Clicking on it will show 3 Colors Red Green Blue. when you click on these three colors, the brightness of the phone will decrease. It means the sensor is working.

5. Mega Cam: Clicking on it will turn on the back camera of your phone and check the back camera is working or not.

1.Accelerometer Sensor: Measure the Movement of the phone. Click on image test You will see the portrait Image first And if you rotate the phone then you will see the landscape image (Landscape Portrait transition).

2.Proximity Sensor: When you talk on the phone When your ear is attached to the phone, then the mobile screen lights off automatically.

3.Light Sensor

4. Magnetic Sensor: This sensor is located in the top left corner of the phone. The proximity sensor detects how much distance things from the phone.

5. Fingerprint Sensor: Click on normal scan the phone will start testing itself.

7. Touch: When you click on it you will see a shape like Xbox.
Complete this Xbox with the help of your finger If Xbox completed it means touch is 100% working.

8.LED:  Notification light. You can check your phone LED sensor is working or not.

9.Sleep: By clicking on it, your phone will sleep at this time and when you turn on the phone, the phone will start from the same place.

10.Subkey: It tests the hardware button. The exit button is also present on the screen but not visible.

11. Front came: You can test front came by taking a selfie on your phone.

12. Hall ic: This sensor detects the magnetic field. often mobile cover has a magnetic flip When flipping the phone cover It automatically sleeps and off the phone screen lightning.

Check all the sensors of your mobile phone by doing this method.

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