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How To Create a Programmer Resume

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How To Create a Programmer Resume
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Create a Programmer Resume

Whether you have always been passionate about programming or if you have just received a degree in programming creating a programmer resume is essential when you plan to join today’s workforce. Knowing how to craft and deliver the perfect resume as a programmer helps to significantly increase your chances of potential interviews and positions you are most interested in.

How To Create a Programmer Resume

Consider the Positions You Desire

Any time you are vying for a programming position it is essential to consider the current skills and expertise you hold. Create a list of the top programming languages you are familiar with whether you work with HTML/HTML 5, CSS, Java, C+, Perl, PHP or even jQuery. Listing your skills in order of importance based on the job you are looking to obtain is a way to help yourself stand out professionally over other applications who are also looking to fill the same spot with the company you are most interested in.

Consider the position you are applying for along with the responsibilities it comes with to better determine how to present your skills, experience and even your past education that is also relevant to the type of work that is required for the job. Conducting thorough research on any programming position you wish to fill is essential to ensure you are presenting the information in an appealing and attractive manner to potential hiring managers or employers who are looking to you as a candidate.

Review Your Skills

Whenever you are entering the programming industry it is also important to keep the skills you do have in mind for future potential opportunities that are likely to arise. Documenting and listing your skills is a way to gauge which ones are best to present to specific employers who are hiring new employees and actively seeking candidates. Listing your skills by relevance is also a key factor to keep in mind when moving forward with submitting an application or even meeting in person for an interview.

Be sure to look into past resumes, online professional social networks and popular blogs that assist with selecting the right keywords, buzzwords and phrases that work best for the position that you are interested in that is currently available. The more familiar you are with buzzwords and keywords that are likely to stand out to employers the easier it is to increase your chances of a callback or a request for additional interviews.


Consider the Position and its Company

Applying for new positions that require programming skills and understanding a variety of languages may seem as if you should stick with a basic look and format for your resume. However it is also ideal to keep the type of company or brand you are working for in mind before completing your application and sending in the resume you have prepared. Working for newer startup companies and businesses gives a bit more creative freedom when sharing skills and a bit of flare of your own personality within the actual resume itself.

When you are looking for a more corporate position with a company that has hundreds or even thousands of employees in mind it is often better to stick with a more formal approach, leaving creative additives to the side and off of your resume entirely. Gauging the company and brand you want to work for before creating and editing your resume is a way to feel more confident when submitting your application while also getting to know more about the workplace that is offering the positions you desire.

Research Keywords for Your Position

Researching phrases and keywords for the specific position you desire is another method to feel reassured when crafting a resume from scratch. Understanding the top keywords, trends and buzzwords that are most appealing to HR, hiring managers and even employers themselves helps to stand out among competition while showing you have done your research on the position that is open.

Compare Resume Templates and Themes

Using a resume sample is highly advisable whether you are new to create resume formats on your own or if you are simply seeking additional inspiration before getting started with drafting your upcoming presentation. There are thousands of resume samples to help create resume outlines and guidelines regardless of the programming position you are hoping to fill. Finding a resume online to download gives you the ability to do so by category and even by job title or position. Seeking a template in your industry of programming is best to compare relevant applications, cover letters and formal resumes to boost creativity while discovering new ideas to implement into your own.

Finding a template for a programming resume should allow you to do so with a text-based version to ensure you are capable of inserting the right phrases and keywords to attract the attention of those who are looking to hire individuals for new positions. Straying away from colorful PDF-based resumes is highly advisable when you are submitting a resume into a system that may use automatic detection to determine the most well-suited candidates for open jobs that are available within the company or industry itself.

Downloading and saving multiple resume formats with free themes and templates is another way for you to determine the best look when trying to present yourself as a professional programmer. Using various templates is another way to ensure the format is right for the amount of information and experience you want to share and implement during the process.


Keep a Clean Format

Some creative positions today are much more lenient regarding the style and layout of the resume you choose to present. However, when you are submitting a text-based resume for a programming position that is in-demand it is vital to keep targeted keywords in place while also presenting a clean and modernized format of your resume to employers and hiring managers.

Utilizing a text-based resume when submitting an application online using a job-hunting community or an official website helps bots to better detect who the right candidates are based on the wording and keywords implemented throughout the entire resume itself. Many hiring managers and employers are unable to shuffle through hundreds or even thousands of resumes for a position so it is likely there are bots in places to sort through those who have applied.

Using bullet lists is also ideal when you are looking to land a position as a programmer or want to work in any area of programming. Bullet list help keywords to stand out while also making it easy to read and comprehend for those who are overseeing applications and various potential candidates.

Look at Successful Programming Resumes

Conducting a bit of research on other successful programmers and reviewing their resume samples, tips and tricks is a way for you to gain additional insight into the process of formatting, outlining and ultimately presenting your resume and cover letters to those who have an interest in hiring you. Peaking into successful resumes and taking note of format, keywords and the overall visual appeal gives you the ability to move forward in making any necessary changes to your own resume before submitting it to a new potential employer.

Take the time to read blogs of successful programmers who specialize in helping others with resumes and landing positions to further your ability to deliver a high-quality application that is sure to be remembered regardless of the job you are vying for and want to obtain. Consulting with other programmers you know is another way to gather resources and inspiration when you are unsure of how to proceed with the position you want to fill professionally. The more familiar you are with specific programming resumes the easier it is to cultivate the right format that is best-suited for the company that is currently hiring new programmers.

Check Your Resume for Consistency

Prior to sending your resume off to a new employer it is always essential to check and review your resume in-depth for grammatical, spelling and formatting errors. Ensuring you are not making any mistakes in your resume shows professionalism and that you are adamant about obtaining the position you are most interested in.

It is also important to consider how the resume conveys your overall personality, skills and abilities based on the company you want to work for and the position you are taking on. Checking to ensure your resume reads well and is straight to the point is also and important factor to keep in mind when working in programming, as the job descriptions and requirements require the need for maintaining organization and the ability to write clean code in most instances.

Understanding how to put together the ideal programmer resume is a way for you to share your skills while also appearing unique, original and irreplaceable to hiring managers and potential employers. Regardless of the type of programming you specialize in it is important to utilize the best tools and resources available online today to ensure you are best-prepared for any job or career opportunity you have in the future.

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