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How to Find Keywords That Get Your Blog Noticed

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More than 50% of the traffic that comes to The Muslim Blogger is from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  While it is critical to have a readership that follows yours blog, it is equally important to get the attention of search engines.  For your blog, this means making sure you place the right keywords.  The question then is – how do you find the right keywords that will bring in traffic from online searches?

Google Keyword Tool (here)
Place in a certain keyword that is related to your blog and Google will generate related words people use when searching for something online.

Keywordfinder (here)
This site generates a shorter list of related terms.  However, it also lets you select the country to get even more relevant results

WordStream (here)
Another keyword tool site that allows you to find related terms.  In addition to that, they also offer some additional services that may interest you.

Do you have any other keyword tools that you use to get your blog noticed by search engined?  If so, share them below and Insha’Allah you will receive reward for any help you provide.


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