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How to Get-Download Corona Vaccination Certificate in Pakistan

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Corona Vaccination Certificate in Pakistan
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 Corona Vaccination Certificate in Pakistan

Due to the current pandemic of the Corona Virus, you need to have a Vaccination Certificate to travel around the world ( according to the rules) now the question is how we get the certificate after the vaccination process.

Vaccination Registration there are two ways to register for vaccination which very simple and easy processes.

1: you need to send a message with your NIC Number to 1166 ( the SMS cost is free) as a replied you received all information regarding the vaccination center, date of vaccination, and eligibility details.

2: send method is that you have to register online on website with the following details ID number, ID Issue Date, Mobile number.

How much fee do I need to pay for vaccination in Pakistan? 

You do not need to pay single rupees because it’s free by the Government of Pakistan.

How much fee do I need to pay for the vaccination Certificate in Pakistan? 

The vaccination Certificate fee is about 100 Pkr only.

How I get the vaccination Certificate?

Can be obtained from Vaccination Certificate from NADRA Center.

Can I change the health care unit assigned to the vaccination?

Want to To replace the healthcare unit at or call 1166.

Within how many days the health care unit can be replaced?

You will be notified via SMS after confirmation of your application.

Provide your ID card number to enroll in the Corona Vaccination Program or if you have already registered and want to change your healthcare unit, provide your ID card number and the verification code received via SMS.

Visit Nadra Offical webiste :

Download Vaccination CertificateDownload PDF certificate

Here is a sample PDF of the Corona Vaccination Certificate from Nadra Pakistan

Download Vaccination Certificate

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