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How To Host Html or JavaScript Files for Blogger Blog

How to add JavaScript in Blogger
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Many of Bloggers asked me that How to host .js or .css Files for blogger blogs?. But you all know that Blogger doesnt providing any hosting services to host your javascript or css files(js and .css files). So i decided to get a solution for this upon requests and now i am posting the perfect solution for it in this post. However you can paste your java-script directly into your template HTML without hosting into a server. But it increases the size of your HTML which is not recommended. So  i Prefer you to host your javascript or css files somewhere outside Blogger and call it in your html part using a single URL of your hosted File.This can be a easy job using GOOGLE CODE and TORTOISE Svn client.

Tutorial on How To Host Files for Blogger Blogs

1. Sign in to your Google code account by clicking here and create a new project by using project hosting service inside it or you can directly create a project by going here
This involves:-

  • Enter your File name as project name so that it will be convenient for you.
  • Fill project summary and Description with your own words.
  • Choose Subversion as Version control system.
  • Choose New BCD license and Click on Create project.

Your project is created and it is now ready to host files for you. .

2. Now go to source section inside your project. Note The Username and password which will be shown like below.

Now you need some Svn client to upload files to your project and get url of each file. i prefer you to use Tortoise client which you can download from here TortoiseSVN and install it on your Pc.

  • Now Right click on your desktop and select Tortoise Svn > Repo browser,
  • It will ask for URL. Enter your project url in it.
  • Right click inside Trunk Folder and select Add File.

  • It will ask For your Projects username and password so Enter it and upload your File.
  • After uploading a File,click on it and you will get its url on the URL section of Tortoise client.

Now you got the URL of your individual file. You can use it wherever you want it.

You can maintain many number of files inside a single project and it will be Secure.


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