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How to Make Money as a Guest Blogger

How to Make Money as a Guest Blogger
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What is a blog?

The short definition of a blog is a weblog, a diary, a journal. The longer definition is a personal online journal which was created for the purpose of online viewing. Each blog is different because people are different. Blogs represent the personality of the owner. The topics of blogs are free random thoughts to organized thoughts on a particular subject. However, blogs are the same in their format. The format is generally a series of journal post to a single web page in reverse chronological order.

How to Make Money as a Guest Blogger

Why Blog?

Blogs are the perfect vehicle as a marketing tool. They are much easier than newsletters for getting the author’s main message or information out without the burden of maintaining a database of email addresses. Blogs, unlike newsletters have a long shelf life because they stay archived on the site until it is taken down. They can also be updated at any time, correcting misinformation and the like from anywhere.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging or guest posting is the act of writing an article for another owner’s blog. This simple act comes with the opportunity at the end of the article to list the guest blogger’s name, website, and blog address which will increase web traffic to the guest blogger’s website and blog. Some larger or well-known blogs offer guest bloggers payment for their articles.

Make Money as a Guest Blogger

To get started as a guest blogger and make money blogging, it is a good idea to submit a few articles for free or as a contribution. Research blogs and see what type of readership the blog has and what type of articles interest the readership. Craft an article which topic is engaging so the owner is less likely to turn it down. Include a bio at the end of the article so the freebie article will have a benefit…increased web traffic which will help make the guest blogger’s name more familiar.

If the guest blogger is allowed to post an article, it is the responsibility of the guest blogger to promote the article to increase web traffic. Another responsibility is to monitor comments to the article and respond individually. It is important to make responses quick and interesting.

After a time of submitting free guest articles to blogs, it is time now to research the bigger blogs. Contact the owner, asking for submission guidelines, payment amount, and how payment is rendered. Ask if the owner needs a certain topic covered. Now craft your best work. Have it proofread by a friend to catch any errors. Then begin submitting to owners of different blogs. Eventually, perseverance will pay off and guest blogging will become a successful writing adventure. It will provide a great way for you to make money writing.

Reputable sites for submitting articles

Here are five reputable sites which offer payment for articles:

  1. PHOTOSHOPTUTORIALS – this blog features guest bloggers who write tutorials for the software PhotoShop. Tutorials can be very valuable to blogs. This particular blog is willing to pay $150-$300 for one tutorial article.
  2. THEKRAZYCOUPONLADY.COM – this blog features guest bloggers. They accept articles from guest bloggers based upon these categories: style; fashion; couponing; family/parenting; personal finance. Guest bloggers can expect payment of $50 using PayPal.
  3. METROPARENT – this blog features guest bloggers who write parenting tips. This blog pays guest bloggers by check. A short article pays $35-$50 and a longer, more detailed article pays up to $250.
  4. PAY PER POST – PayPerPost lets you pick your advertisers, name your own price and negotiate your own deals.
  5. MAKEALIVINGWRITING – this blog features guest bloggers who write on the subject of freelance writing or making money by writing. Articles which are accepted are paid $50 through PayPal.

Step by step directions for becoming a guest blogger:

  • Discover your talent – what are you knowledgeable about? What is your niche? Chances are that whatever topic you are passionate about you can find other readers who are passionate about it too.
  • Research blogs which deals with your topic of choice. Learn everything you can about those blogs. Who are their readers? What do their readers want to learn? What has not been written about?
  • Craft your article with an informative bio – the article you craft should be your best work. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, you’re getting paid for it. Make sure it opens with an engaging sentence. Follow with well written content and end with a bio which includes your name, website, and blog information complete with backlinks.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important. It attracts traffic to the blog from the search engine. Target key words in the article. Use two or three keywords or phrases and use them in the article. Don’t use them too many times as this is considered keyword stuffing.
  • After your article has been accepted and posted, monitor the comments. Responding quickly to any comments will increase your reputation in the commenter’s eyes, which will effectively increase web traffic to your website or blog.

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