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how To Make Your Mobile Not Reachable

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how To Make Your Mobile Not Reachable
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Many times in our lives this case happens once we dont want to pickup calls from unwanted people that are continuously bothering and irritating us by calling endlessly and generally the situation is therefore worse that we will not even throw our cellphone to avoid these calls. So here i’m telling you some tricks in order that once you bed , your caller can hear the message from your service supplier expression “The variety you’re attempting to succeed in is out of coverage space kindly please strive when someday many thanks ” and he can suppose that there should be some network drawback. I hope these tricks solve your purpose upto some extent.
how To Make Your Mobile Not Reachable

First technique is very easy and largely utilized by many people already. All you’ve got to try to to is to drag out the battery of your cellphone without switching it off. This trick works on almost every mobile phone.


Go to Menu /Apps > Settings > Network and Operator settings > Network selection.
By default your phone are going to be on automatic network selection. modification it to manual. it’ll begin finding out all possible network providers in your area. currently choose some network name other than your actual network supplier. it will show an error message and your phone will lose network. currently simply leave the phone as it is. When you would like to get back within the network simply move to the settings and make it automatic again.


Today nearly each phone has flight mode or airplane mode. simply put your phone to flight mode after you would like to not irritated by unwanted callers. however beware because this trick doesnt work with all phones and a few phones come this as switched off mode. i might suggest that test it before using If you’ve got data connection or GPRS activated on your phone then this trick is for you.

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