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How To Setup Custom Domain for Blogger blogs

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Purchasing a Domain (  is the first step you should take after getting your blog ready.Today i will be posting about how to purchase and setup your custom domain purchased with domain hosting service other than blogger. From two days some of my two domains had got conflicted with some errors and i was tensed on whats the issue and how to troubleshoot it, finally i was succeeded in troubleshooting it and i am going to explain the perfect procedure to setup custom domain so that it would help many bloggers like you to avoid struggling with these error issues.

Setup Custom Domain with your Blogger Blog

1. Purchase a domain with good domain hosting services like Bigrock,Namecheap and so on, you can even purchase a domain with blogger itself  for $10 which is powered by Godaddy and it will be configured  automatically without needing anything for you to worry.

  • If you wish to purchase domain with other services than blogger and have a complete control over DNS (Domain Name System), then move on with these steps.

2. Go to domain hosting services website, search for your domain based on availability and move on with the payment options and purchase it.
3. I hope you are ready with your domain now.Now go to your domain hosting service provider website and login with your user credentials.
4. click on your purchased domain and search for DNS management option and just click it.
(NOTE: In Bigrock you should move your cursor on domains > list all orders > then you will find your purchased domain)
5.Find CNAME records and click on Add Cname Record and fill the below details in it and save

Name: www  
TTL: 38400

6. Now search for A records and click On Add A record and fill the below details in it and save.

IPV4 address: 
TTL: 38400

7. repeat the step 6 for adding another 3 records with below IPV4 addresses

8. Now you are all set in configuring your DNS. Now to go your blogger account and click on your blog and select settings Basic.
9. In publishing > Blog address section, click on Add a custom domain Advanced.

  • Now Add your purchased domain name with prefix www.(Ex: and save it.

10. Now click on EDIT option beside your new domain and Tick the Redirect to and save .
11.Now wait for few hours for your domain to work and hope that your domain is set like a cloud in the sky and no one can affect it .

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