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How to Sync your iPod to a new Computer

How to sync your iPod to a new computer
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An Apple iPod is a great way to carry all of your music with you at once. Many Apple iPods come preloaded with plenty of space to allow you to put an immersive music library all in your pocket so that you can have all of your music with you portably. Apple iPods also allow you to download specific applications and also play videos right on your own iPod screen. The iPod Touch allows for touchscreen applications and games which can all be played using the excellent iPod Touch system.

How to sync your iPod to a new computer

When it comes to purchasing music and also purchasing all of these applications and videos, the iTunes system is generally regarded to be one of the only ways to get data on and off of an iPod. IPods are heavily encrypted and organize the data using the iTunes system. In order to take data or any of these applications which you have purchased off of an iPod, you may need to download a special program in order to do it. It is possible to easily transfer files back and forth from the iPod using iTunes but only on a computer that you have authorized. Usually an iPod will only be able to connect to one or more computer and sync up with the purchased items on that computer. To sync up to a new computer with an iPod will mean that all of your data will be lost and that the iPod will simply sync up and place all of the music and applications on the computer that it’s currently connected to on to its hard drive.

This can be a big problem if you ever plug your iPod in on a friend’s computer in order to charge it is that occasionally you can sync it to their iTunes library by mistake. There are ways that you can set up iTunes to make sure that when you plug in your iPod in it will not sink any of the data that is in the iTunes library. Checking off these security options will help to protect you and others from syncing your entire iTunes library accidentally.

One of the first things that you have to do when you plug in a new iPod for the very first time is authorize your computer to sink to that iPod. Open up iTunes and plug-in your iPod. A drop-down menu will open up and you will have to authorize that iPod for use on a computer. From here you can select some of the options as to the type of music that you would like your iPod to sync to or whether or not you would like to establish a drag-and-drop system with your iPod to only sync certain songs. From here you can use iTunes to check for any media that’s on your computer that is iPod compatible as well as purchase new media through the iTunes network. The iPod will automatically sync up and you will soon be able to access that media or any applications that you’ve purchased while you’re on the go with your iPod.

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