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How to transfer music from iPod to Computer

iPod to computer
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An Apple iPod has been created by the designer to be specifically used with the Apple iTunes program. As a result after the user installs Apple iTunes much of the song library is heavily encrypted onto the iPod with much of the data erased such as song titles and artists. It is possible to directly copy these songs right from the iPod but a lot of data will be lost and the MP3s will be extremely tough to catalog.

iPod to computer

In order to truly transfer music from an iPod to a computer a third-party program may be necessary especially if the person has used iTunes specifically to transfer music back and forth to the iPod.

In many cases computers can fail and getting your music library back may require you to transfer your purchased iTunes material back onto another computer. If you have used iTunes in the past to manage your music library on your iPod it can be extremely difficult to transfer these purchases back to a new computer using the current filing system on your iPod with all of the files well encrypted. Although it is quite easy to manually transfer the music from your iPod to your computer transfer applications can make sure that all of the features and ID3 tags are carried over with the songs in a non-encrypted format.

Another thing that you may have to do when exploring your iPod to see these encrypted files is to go into your computers control panel and set the show hidden files option to on. Because many of the files are encrypted and hidden on your iPod it might be hard to see them through your operating system and the only way that you can physically see these encrypted files is by showing all of the hidden files on your computer. After you set show hidden files you should be able to easily copy over all of the files in their encrypted format to any location on your computer. Importing these MP3s into iTunes will then help you to organize the files later. Much of the data is recovered when these MP3s are imported into iTunes but some data may still continue to be missing.

There are iPod transfer software options that you can download such as yanni pod and winamp. Using this software will allow you to easily transfer any of your iTunes purchases and MP3 files from your iPod onto your computer without losing any of the data. These programs can relabel the MP3s in their true format and help you to recover all of the data that is possible from your iPod. All of your artists and albums will be labeled in the correct format and also organized to wherever you decide to place them. These free programs work excellently to help you transfer music from your iPod to a computer.

Ultimately, it’s up to you how you want to proceed at transferring music from your iPod to a computer. If you are too worried about having encrypted files on your computer or potentially having to reorganize your library, doing a manual directly from your iPod folder will do just fine.

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