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How To Write A Perfect Google Plus Post

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Ever wondered how to write a perfect Google Plus post? See?  I told you that you had to think about what you are saying when you post updates to Google Plus!  First, let me explain something.  While I would love to take credit for this idea, I cannot.  This was actually something that I wrote about that also helps you to bridge Google Plus to Pinterest, but I honestly didn’t know that someone had explained this in more detail so I thought I would fill you in; those people that didn’t see my update about this on Google Plus.

This actually comes from Dustin Stout, and you can follow him on G+ here:

Here is the original Google Plus update that he shared, and I reshared in case you missed it:

Pretty cool huh? Go ahead and re-share that one if you don’t mind. Your followers will be grateful for it!

Again, I’m simply redirecting you to someone who already has written this up on their site. You can read how to write the perfect Google Plus post here because, let’s give him credit, he came up with it!

Why Am I redirecting people away from my blog?
That’s easy. Sometimes I don’t have all the answers. In reality, and I don’t care who you are…yes you, the one with 50k followers on G+, you don’t know everything and sometimes you have to give credit where credit is due.

I would appreciate you bookmarking his post to read for later, or you can read it now, either way, you need to read it because it shows you how to create a post that brings interaction, engagement, searches, and drives traffic to your site.

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