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How To Write In Urdu On Android

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Here is a unique trick for those who wishes to learn how to write in Urdu on an Android device for free without downloading any Urdu keyboard software.

If you have an android smartphone and the by default English keyboard is installed, then simply follow the steps below to make your smartphone able to write in Urdu.

  1. Go to your device setting
  2. Scroll down to find Language and Input
  3. Open Language and Input & under the keyboards and input method, click on the Samsung Keyboard setting icon
  4. There Click on Select input languages
  5. Now, Scroll down & search for Urdu & download it
  6. Once it is downloaded, the Urdu Keyboard will be listed in the installed dictionaries list
  7. Install that Urdu dictionary & enable it

Another Way To Write Urdu On Android

In this method, you’ll need to download the Urdu keyboard named Easy Urdu Keyboard app from the play store in order to write Urdu everywhere on your android device.

This is the best android keyboard app that allows you to write in Urdu, Arabic, English & other Arabic related languages everywhere on your smartphone for free. So what you need more!!! Just hit the download button below.

How To Use Easy Urdu Keyboard?

When the app is installed on your device, simply open it & follow the steps to enable it. Once the function is enabled, you’ll be able to write in Urdu on your device.

InPage™ Urdu Keyboard For Android

You can also use InPage™ keyboard app on your device to write Urdu. This is one free app you can download from play store.

There in the app, you’ll find some instructions about the app that how to activate it. Follow those instructions & activate the app then enjoy.

These were some methods which I knew about. If you’re using some other methods then do let us share with each other.

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